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It was a harder task than you’d think to shoot photos in a way that properly displays the pictures on the wall. Reflection, damnit! But by crawling around the bed, down on my belly, around the edges, I finally succeeded!
Yes! We’re still decorating our bedroom. Or, I am. I actually rather like it. That it takes aaages. As you can see, we still need a lampshade on the bedside lamp (Adam has a similar one on his side of the bed). A couple of vintage Murano-lamps which I bought off a semi-suspect fella on instagram, living in Italy, but who turned out to be totally legit and ship with courier. I’m yet to find the right lampshades, though, despite having owned the lamps for around six months by now. Any good ideas? Other than Camille Helene and Moe Lamps – that’s where I bought a few from. I’ve ordered some a few times but am yet to find some in the right size. But now we’ve got some pictures at least.
We’re actually quite fond of having our bedroom up here still – it’s not a giant room, and with all of the light and the view, it surely would also be lovely with a sofa here. On the other hand, it also feels magical to sort of ‘crawl’ on top of the city every night when we go to bed. It’s really so so special. Such a nice and calm and peaceful ambiance. So, for now; we’ll leave it as it is, the little bedroom. It feels rather zen.

in collaboration with Desenio

rockpaperhome, rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand,
But a bit of personality on the white walls is a must. Four little photos. One is a super lovely drawing by a sweet reader, Eva, which I’ll have framed and give to Eddie one day when he is big enough. Gotta say I’ve received some pretty amazing homemade gifts from you to him – it has been deeply touching, all of the love you’ve given him. And me!
And the three other images? They are from good old Desenio, which always delivers great posters for all kinds of ambiances, at a decent price point, in a quite trendy selection. They caught the flower trend for sure!
They will always be fascinating, flowers, right? And in this way, on the wall, it’s almost sustainable, unlike fresh cut flowers in all corners. Even though that does remain a favourite of mine. A little Monday bouquet. But they are so fascinating. Also as wall art. You may be familiar with Poppykalas’ flower pictures? Super colourful and pretty. These are a great alternative as well – for every sort of budget.
rockpaperhome, rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand,

A great hand cream (Jurlique’s hand cream is REALLY good!), a small clock, my little glass shell from Venice for earrings and other jewellery overnight and my eye mask which is totally, totally wonderful for relaxation!

rockpaperhome, rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand,

I’m really into especially the dark series – there’s something wonderfully gloomy about the delicate and fine in dark settings. I’ve picked this (for a mere DKK 59!) but it also comes in this variety.
Then there’s also the dried bouquet; I went with this number, but it also comes in this fine version. And not to forget the pampas grass, which is so nice and trendy – here in a print version.
Yesterday, incidentally, I discovered that Desenio plants two trees for every tree used in the poster production. Read more about their environmental policy here. That’s pretty neat! And with that price point, it’s okay to replace the posters now and then.

The code ‘rockpaperdresses25‘ gives you 25 % discount on all posters (except for their ‘handpicked,’ personal and ‘collaboration’ posters – and frames). It’s valid from today – through 21 January!

rockpaperhome, rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand,

Other than that, ‘my end’ of the bedroom is getting there. I’ve extracted the chair from the basement where it has been sitting for around a year. One needs a clothing chair, right? Familiar with that concept? A place to throw the pieces of clothing that you don’t get around to folding or that aren’t quite dirty enough to go in the laundry yet too dirty to be folded in with all of the clean clothes. Clothing chair! Do you guys have one as well?

rockpaperhome, rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand,
rockpaperhome, rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand,

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