Balance And A Thank You (And Some Motivation)

Skabt af Cathrine Widunok Wichmand
I feel like starting the week with a huge THANK you. There are so many good vibes and helping hands around my blog and insta at the moment. That’s actually been the case for a long time, if not always, but I just appreciate it particularly much these days, as I’m trying to find the balance between being a mum, girlfriend and professional again.
My time is not at all optimal yet, and I fully allow for that. It’s boring to always go for #effectivity and #busy – and it just doesn’t gel well with having a baby. I never really know how much time I’ve got, and as long as he’s awake I try to prioritise him as much as possible.
I’ve been feeling really bad for not being 100% present with him – but also with you, as I don’t always get to reply to all of the comments despite my ambition to do so. IMO, a blog is most worth when there’s pingpong and not just one-way ping. In the comments section, that is. Not to speak of bad conscience when it comes to Adam – I’m brewing on this little heartbreak post for you. And a ‘thing they don’t say about giving birth.’ And more pension! And more outfit shots! And a wrapping post. And a train journey post – as we’re embarking on our first train journey next week, yay! I’ve got so many posts on my mind that I make sure to capture the ideas on my phone’s notepad so they can travel out through my fingers once I’ve got time.
But even though I may not be as present everywhere as is usually the case, you all still manage to catch the posts and to comment, provide feedback and provide me with more to think about. That’s what makes it fun. So, thank you! I’m so crazy about you. ‘Don’t you get a lot of shit from people online?’ I actually rarely get shit through my letterbox. 99.99 % of you are super nice, cool, motivating, smart and loving. I have always said that I have the best readers. I still do.
Now I’m gonna get dressed and hop out the door. I’ve got a meeting with L’Oréal followed by a gym session. And then it’s back to my baby and laptop. Each item in its own time.
Have a wonderful monday – and if you need some fuel for your engine and awesomeness, do watch this NIKE ad, which was launched yesterday. POWER!

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