Christening – Where And How?

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Our first party in someone else’s honour! Eddie’s Christening yesterday, and it felt so adult. Celebrating in his name – deciding on the food, the outfits, the location, the guests. Wondering whom Eddie might want to see? Hehe… Still probably mainly just us. Sorting out the bill in the end as well. Why it felt so adult-like, I’m not sure. Perhaps because it is? Everything entailed in making a decision on someone else’s behalf, from choosing the right daycare to Christening – oh man!
But it went well, Eddie’s Christening. Everything was planned quite quickly, I’d say. We really had out doubts as to how and when to do it. We wanted to make it as inexpensive yet good as possible – preferable hosting it in our own yard, but it will be a couple of months before it reaches its full spring potential. And I thought that the Christening aspect would sort of diminish a little if he were able to walk to the baptismal font himself (or, well, progressive as he is, he may not be able yet to walk this summer).
We decided to just invite the very closest, and it was really hard to draw a line. As always. We ended up with approximately 20 family members – just parents, siblings and grandparents. And then 15 friends. And everyone’s kids – which amounted to 52. Quite a nice number.

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Church was at 10am – the one we got married in. REALLY nice. And everyone was invited along, if they wanted to join. The sermon was quiiite long and dark – here we were with the light of our lives, and then the topics were capitalism and pride, hehe… but the starting point was the text of that Sunday according to the Church of Denmark – so nothing abnormal. It was just a matter of which Sunday we’d hit. The amount of hymns was quite intense as well, 8-9 of them. Long ones. I usually love that, being an old church choir singer and all, but seeing as we had to ensure that Eddie was okay, not too hot, not too overwhelmed – it felt like we had to sit still for a long time. Now and then, we had to take refuge in the back-room to cool down.
We both ended up leaving the church without really having grasped what went on, haha. We couldn’t focus on hymns or Christening whatsoever. We were so tuned into whether he was doing all right. The pastor had also informed us that certain members of the congregation didn’t approve of noise in the church, for which reason we were advised to leave in case he got impatient. A little annoying – he is just a baby after all, and a quite vocal one at that.
rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Rockpaperbaby
But this entire ‘taken-aback-ness’ stayed with us all day long. I’ve been told that that’s just how it is to host a celebration with kids. It’s hard to be host and mingle and hang out and be casual cool when one part of your brain is always concerned about the baby/child. Are they okay? I think that surprised me a bit. Only being partially present. Yesterday offered SO many impressions for him to process; music, noise, everyone who wanted to cuddle, greet, snuggle. When was his last nap? Is he in need of sleep now?
But he did so well. My mum and in-law had him now and then, and apart from that he was with us. I’m sure he was ready to leave when we left. As soon as we did, I put him in his wrap so that he could have some peace and listen to my heart, and then he fell asleep in a matter of seconds.
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Even though I was just partially present and Adam the same – that adds up to a full presence, right? Yes, despite that, it really was a gorgeous day. It also felt a bit like stepping into a new life, a new tribe. Families with kids. The ones that always kept an eye on the kids, asked them to be quiet, had a good time. We’ve joined the tribe! We’ve just stayed put in our own bubble primarily so far and haven’t really been out and about, shown him off, hung out with friends with kids. It felt special. Officially being introduced into that hullabaloo – emotional.
Not to speak of all of the wonderful, heartwarming cards that he received. So many words for him; ‘dream baby,’ ‘miracle baby,’ ‘we’ve been waiting so long to see you.’ I weeped my way through all of thee cards and quickly stopped reading out loud. So much love gathered in one place, for us and for him. Just as partially as we were present, just as doubly life-affirming. It really was.
Men det gik godt, Eddies dåb. Det hele blev planlagt rimelig hurtigt, vil jeg sige. Vi var meget i tvivl om, hvad og hvornår og hvordan vi skulle gøre det. Vi ville allerhelst gøre det så billigt og godt som muligt - allerhelst lave tamtam i vores gård, men der går nogle måneder, før den er god. Og så syntes jeg lidt, at "dåben" gik af, hvis han nærmest selv kunne gå til døbefonden (arg, nok er han fremmelig men gå kan han nok ikke til sommer!). Vi besluttede kun at invitere de aller, allernærmeste, og det var virkelig svært at skære. Som altid. Men det var ca. 20 familiemedlemmer - kun forældre søskende og bedsteforældre. Og så 15 venner. Og så alles børn - vi kom alligevel op på 52. Men det var en dejlig størrelse. 
rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Rockpaperbaby
Church was 10-11am. After that, we tiptoed over to Karmaman på Frederiksberg Allé, which we’re quite familiar with, along with parents and siblings. We kept it quite simple here; vegetarian food. A solid barleyotto with North Sea cheese and mushrooms and then sausage rolls for the kids. Really delicious, if we may say so; however, the food wasn’t on the table until 12.15, which was a little bit awkward seeing as the rest of the guests were invited to join for cake at 1pm. But it worked out!
And then the rest of the party joined; the cake team, which is how I referred to them, at 1pm. Some had been there for the church part and had then sorted out their own lunch meanwhile. Others only came for the cake. But it worked out really well. We served semlor from Bageriet Brød, four beautiful cakes from Granny’s (Karmaman’s cake supplier – so we had them order this) and then a giant Christening cake made by Cakelicious Copenhagen (ad – this was a gift for Eddie! But we paid for the rest of the party ourselves, without any types of discounts or special agreements).
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I would have loved some crockery from A Table Story, but honestly? I wasn’t up for the least bit of coordination. I wanted to keep it totally simple. I’d therefore bought three garlands at Mark&Waldorf, which matched the rainbow-coloured baby’s breaths, which I’d bought at Stalks & Roots in Torvehallerne. A giant bouquet at DKK 400, which covered the tables, the restrooms etc at Karmaman. I still have a large leftover bouquet at home. I’d bought DKK 150 worth of Twister, colouring books and pencils in Tiger of Copenhagen so the kids had something to play with. I’d found giant balloon letters at Partyking – but chose not to blow them up and put them on a string rather than spend money on helium. I’d considered getting a piñata for the kids, but then again; keep it simple. I didn’t feel like having to organise too much, at it would also have prevented the adults from truly relaxing.
All things considered, we had a lovely day, although we both felt a little flustered and unable to be fully present. It was so beautiful. The sun came and said hello. The kids had played with each other. The adults had enjoyed their coffee and hanging out. I’ll refer to it as Eddie’s first successful matinée.
Around 3.30pm, we snuck home, and then we went for a 3-hour walk with Frida to get some fresh air and takeout pizza. Completely perfect full stop to a long and gorgeous day. 20:30 we were done and went to bed.
rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Rockpaperbaby


rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Rockpaperbaby

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