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A Reader’s Story: Solo Mum + Sperm Donor = Baby

I’ve thought a lot about solo mums during my pregnancy and after the birth. It’s so freaking fierce to embark on such a big and bumpy and emotional journey on your own, without a helping partner hand. I know, most of us have friends and parents, who doubtlessly will help out. But it will never be the same as having someone who is equally as responsible for a child as…

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My Christmas Wishes 2018

We just agreed to not do a classic gift exchange with my parents this year. Instead, we’ll spend some time in a holiday home. Not everyone at once; that’s impossible in our little divorced family, hehe… But we’ll give each other the gift of spending a weekend together in the Danish countryside, one trip with my dad and his family and another one with my mum and her family, something…

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Everyday Snaps

This week has got some hard competition from last week in terms of starting on a high note. Last Monday was quite a party – with bubbles and wedding cake. It didn’t smell like Monday at all, even if Mondays in general have a pretty acceptable reputation among self-employed people. Throwing a (semi-)maternity leave on top of that, and Monday is just as much of a party as Wednesdays and Thursdays. But…

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OOTD: Mustard Goya and A Baby on My Hip

So, you asked for authentic #OOTD-photos – including baby, if that’s how it is. And that is indeed how it is on most days. When I was jumping around in a fountain, Adam ‘luckily’ had a flu, which allowed me to breastfeed, leave Eddie with him, run off for 15 minutes and scoot back home. Times three! However, normally, I’m still alone with him (Adam starts his paternity leave IN TEN WORKING DAYS!).…

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Eddie’s Christmas Wishes (and a few thoughts on a sustainable Christmas)

What do you actually want when you’re two months of age? Nothing more than milk, a nap and a clean bum. That’s achievable! And perhaps we ought to keep it at that? No other gifts if he gets everything he needs. But I do sense that we have some grandparents who have been looking forward to this. And so have I, for sure. Been looking forward to his first Christmas – but…

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Fashion and Career: ELLE Fashion director, Josephine Aakrogh

My girlfriendship with Josephine started just last year but grew quite rapidly. Especially this year when we were pregnant simultaneously – and even gave birth within four days of each other, crazy, right? Eddie is four days older than Josephine’s daughter. We share a mutual love of food, fashion and long walks, which might sound like a personal ad, haha! She is wonderful. Down to earth. Easygoing. Thoughtful. Just easy.…

Wedding Party on a Monday

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Heroine yesterday, sick today. It was actually underway. A giant cold brewing over the weekend. But then it was as if my body pulled itself together yesterday because it had to perform, and the moment we left the reception at around 5:45pm, it came crashing. Snot, cough, heavy head, the lot. A severe lack of proper sleep is to blame, I believe. That’s my sense. But then it’s great I can take a little nap now and then (when Eddie is up for it).

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Nonetheless, what a day it was yesterday. We had been back and forth a lot, EmilyChristina, AC and I, about what we wanted to do with the book launch. Reception with friends and family? Event with colleagues? Just a private celebration for us and our partners? Or just nothing – seeing as December is pretty busy for most people?
But I’m so happy we ended up celebrating! Marking the event better than I did last Friday. It bloody well deserves it. It’s a year’s worth of writing. And how often does one write a book? Perhaps my first and only?

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We received amazing help from several parties to make the day happen – great contributions and sponsorships. Hotel Danmark chipped in with an event space. A small intimate room with an open fire and access to a little patio. Moët et Chandon contributed with those beautiful pink bubbles. Kagekompagniet delivered a really handsome and tasty ‘naked cake,’ which it’s called when the butter cream has been distributed in quite a thin layer across the cake. A Table Story did the craziest table decoration – the idea was to make a mini wedding setting, that is, a table just for decoration. And then they created the wildest flower centrepiece for ‘hugging’ the cake. Incidentally, the two great ladies behind the concept have become my office buddies after Trine and Mille moved out. I’m looking forward to sharing the space with them! Confetti by Panduro brought giant balloons.

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It was really such a fine day. And to those of you who are asking – the book is available at Bog og Idé, on Arnold Busck’s web shop and Saxo – and the places that don’t stock it can order it.
It feels SO good to have sent it off. Now it’s time for some self-care and child-cuddling. And, well, the very first (mild) post-natal workout. Wish me luck!

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And as for bringing the baby to a reception? It started out okay, but then he got so upset. Too much noise, heat, lots of people, crazy faces (to a baby, that is) – completely understandable and natural that he said stop. I shifted him to the pram, and then he slept for an hour and a half. Very needed for the small being.

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Happy weekend

Also in retrospect! I didn’t even get around to blogging yesterday morning. I woke up around 6:30am, not naturally, but with a little help from my 2-month old alarm clock. We got out of bed, took a shower. First me, then him. Let Adam sleep for another hour before tiptoeing back up to wake him up, and with nothing in the fridge, my suggestion was to venture out to find…

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Happy Weekend

YES, YES, YES! Glitter, Dancing with the Stars finale, champagne, long walks hand-in-hand (another genius side benefit of wrapping – hand-in-hand is easy-peasy). – reality is a bedridden man, who’s been served tea with honey on the bedside table. A baby, who really has to be persuaded and persuaded and persuaded to take a nap. And a dog that’s definitely a bit under-stimulated currently. Life! Not to mention all of…

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Parental Leave Holiday – Is That What Everyone Does?

It really has become a thing in Denmark, hasn’t it? A parental leave holiday. And it’s not meant as a trip to Western Jutland (though that sounds nice too), nope, the parental leave holiday is the journey to the tropics, to exotic lands (even if Western Jutland definitely also has been exotic what with the warm summer we had) – and preferably for an extensive period of time. I know…