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5 podcasts for the holiday; murder, being single and births

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It’s about time for some more podcast recommendations, isn’t it? Here is five for your holiday – and they can all be downloaded on your phone, if you’re not online along the way.

You ask regularly how I find podcasts on my phone. IPhones have an innate, purple app called podcasts; you can possibly search for it in Finder. Here you can find all these podcasts. Some podcasts (far from everyone) has also recently been available on Spotify, but it’s still very few, as one have to apply and get an approval from Spotify.

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, podcastanbefalinger

A Slow Murder

Adrian lost his dad when he was just four years old. He was found dead in 1991 at an age of just 27. But how did he die? Was it a murder? Or just an accident?

73 people were murdered that year in Denmark. Three of those cases are still unsolved. Adrian’s dad is one of them and Adrian now seeks answers. What really happened back then when he was left in a half empty apartment? He unravels a case where a human had been broken a long time before he died. It’s a story about severe negligence, sexual assault, drugs, shady people – and Adrian’s own curiosity to solve the case of where his dad came from. And perhaps even a process of getting to know him.

Incredibly narrated, it’s completely crazy that Adrian is brave enough to dig so deep into a case filled with so much pain.


The Birth Hour

By the way if you want to read some more birth stories, hehe – No more discussion, I promise, It’s completely okay that we are different – actually thank God we are.

But this little pearl of a podcast puts women’s birth stories in focus – all those with complications, the ones in bathtubs at home, the normal births, the difficult pregnancies (one of the newer episodes tells the story of an operation in the stomach of a pregnant woman, where the fetus is suffering from spina bifida – and it ends well!) and cool births and vise verca. There’s room for everyone’s story, but what is really great about this podcast is that it always manages to get a positive spin on the story. It never leaves me with the feeling of ‘oh no, I shouldn’t have heard that’. It’s mostly just really empowering, in my opinion, and it gives me a really good idea of how different births can be. It’s a really great supplement for other antenatal activates one choose to do. And it’s very moving – damn it, I’m crying my eyes out. And I get excited for it to be my turn; no matter what it will be like it will be the biggest journey of my life so far.

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Everything is now

Yes, I did include this in my post about a month ago, but wauw this is such an incredible story. Are you in need of a good cry then you should listen to this both beautiful, life confirming and tough story about Titan and Stine’s love for each other and life. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I definitely think it has to be heard – without necessarily knowing the outcome beforehand.


Why don’t I have a boyfriend?

Stine and Rikke are searching for what everyone is really searching for – love. That’s the intro. But why is it that these to lovely and beautiful ladies can’t find it?

These two women of 35 and 41 are single, one of them on her tenth year. And they embark upon an embarrassing, open, self-loving and really interesting journey to gain knowledge about themselves and the surrounding world – and make all the rest of us wiser on both our generation and ourselves during the podcast. They expose themselves and are really brave, where I (in my 12th year of a steady relationship) learn all the while about communication, signals and self-esteem. They use themselves and clips from their own dates and then discuss their behaviour with experts afterwards.


My Favourite Murder

I’ve included this in my true crime podcast starter kit, because it is one of the best true crime podcasts out there. Karen and Georgia have an amazing timing, sense of humour and the way they approach these incredibly tragic and miserable stories – with both care and knowledge and curiosity. I think they set the tone really well. They cover a murder in every episode, and I in particular remember episode 18 with Mary Vincent, who had both her arms chopped off (!). It’s an “I survived episode”, but how she succeeded it’s quite amazing. If you, moreover, are searching for a Danish counterpart, then Mørkeland is a Danish rip off (they even say that themselves), but it’s also really interesting, the two hosts doesn’t have the same sense of humour and acute minds though – in my opinion – like Georgia and Karen.


rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, podcastanbefalinger

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