Brands to know: Daily Sleeper - ROCKPAPERDRESSES
Brands to know: Daily Sleeper

I’m attracted towards 1) things made from butter, 2) things that shine, 3) things that are cold and 4) airy items; dresses that doesn’t touch the body. I bought this one (commercial link) after my sale on the flea market and tictail, and it’s so genius. The fabric is only touching the top of the boobies but else just hangs loosely. For a little while more at least – btw I acquired it in a size 36, as I normally use. It will be even looser without the stomach but it’s also just so lovely right now, I wore it the other day.


Daily Sleeper is a new love of mine and I’m so obsessed with their things. Classic, never-out-of-style-items in proper quality; flax, silk and mohair. The colours are also quite calm and timeless; pink, blue, white, red, mustard. Moreover it’s also a pretty cool “am-I-sleeping-or-am-I-going-out?” –style they’re conveying or ‘world’s first walking sleep wear’ as they call it. You could also definitely use the dresses as nightgowns (when the weather allows it) just as they would go perfectly as a party dress.


As far as I can understand, the brand is from Ukraine and is not mass-produced. A dress takes 8-12 hours to manufacture in their workshop and the thought behind is that the handcraft is so good, that the inside is just as beautiful as the outside. Yes, they can easily make me believe that, hehe, when I haven’t tried it yet. Is there anyone of you, who has any experience with it? Buying from them, shipping and the quality? There are so many lovely items, it’s crazy, and they could easily make it onto my wish list.

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