Happy weekend

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– and happy first day of autumn!

First of September! Hooray! Because…

  • September is the runner-up to the world’s best month, May – it’s those tilt months. They are just so wonderful! The weather is mixed, you feel the shift, it’s so life-affirming, I think! The leaves start to turn red but are still on the trees. If you’re so lucky as to experience Indian summer, you appreciate it even more, because you know it’s temporary.
  • You start turning your gaze inwards a bit. Or at least I do. At home – I feel like fixing and nesting. And it’s not just because of the baby. It hits me every year. I move around a bit, may purchase a new cushion, arrange. It’s also true on a more emotional level, the inwards-gazing bit. Summer is cool, we are all outgoing, out and about and all that jazz. But now is the time for looking inwards and working with myself. Self-love and self-repair on top of a summer with lots of energy and thousands of bbq and wine nights, where you haven’t really taken the time to check in with yourself, because you’re so busy soaking, soaking, soaking in the good weather.
  • This year, September is extra fine as it finally allows me to say, ‘… next month,’ when people ask when I’m due. I’m here, finally. The thought alone makes me sob. On the darkest days of last autumn, I almost didn’t dare believe that this would ever happen.

So, happy, happy September. And happy weekend! How are you guys spending it?

We’ve had quiiiite a hard week here, with a little too much running about and after-work-plans. And also quite a bit of hospital time.

On Wednesday, we got an urgent vet appointment because Frida’s eye hadn’t improved at all after my attempts with drops for a few days. We’ve had quite a few issues with her eyes over the years so I’m used to expecting anything with them, but this time one of her eyes just got increasingly milky white. The vet concluded that it was a corneal wound (she’s had that before as well), and after waiting around for a while, we returned home with a million eye drops, to be applied every two hours throughout the day, and then a check again the following day.

On Thursday, their eye expert was in, and he found that surgery was needed. Frida was hospitalised all day and had her wound fixed. All of her left eye is now stitched up, giving it space to heal. She’s such a poor thing, but on next Friday she should be back to normal. Little mouse.

And that same day, Thursday, I consulted my own doctor as well, after quite a few early contractions. As my pulse rate was elevated, they sent me to Herlev – they take the necessary precautions to guard against things like pre-eclampsia etc. I went to Herlev, and they ran their tests – they noticed the early contractions and a case of cystitis, fortunately not too serious, so I’m on penicillin and have felt completely beat ever since.

We’re a weak bunch, Frida and I. Soon to be fresh and fine again, though. And today we’re first and foremost going to party – my good friend Tilde is marrying her Anders, and I’ve been looking forward to it since New Year’s. This morning, my mum is coming over to help paint the baby’s room. It’s gonna be so good, so good. Soon!

Have the best weekend, whatever it may consist of!

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Rockpaperfrida

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