Happy Weekend

Once again, we made it! The weekend – wrapping up September as well. Isn’t that a bit crazy? Sunday marks the end of Indian summer and takes us into full-blown October autumn. It also hit me that the chance of getting a September baby is rather minimal by now. It would take quite a push. Probably ain’t gonna happen. Actually, I hope he stays put this weekend as we’ve got a few good things planned.

A very long time ago – back when it was snowing – a woman called Catrine from Brøchner Hotels took me on a private tour of Carlsberg Byen. As a warm-up for taking some of you guys on a tour in the summer, I got to stock up on my history knowledge, see building projects in progress from the inside, etc., and take a peek at the future giant hotel, just to the left of the landmark elephants. When shortly afterwards we told her that we were expecting, she invited us on a ‘baby moon’ with them. So that’s what we’re doing now! One night at Hotel Herman K tomorrow – I’ve spiced up the stay with a dinner at Roxie, and the plan was actually to do an entire Copenhagen day. Pack the cargo bike, ride downtown around noon and just meander around. Be tourists! When do you really actually get to do that? When I was a child, my mum and I always went on a Copenhagen day in the autumn break – the alimony had arrived, and I’d most likely be in need of a new winter coat as I’d probably grown a few inches over the summer. It’s a day like that I remember as something special. So, that’s what I thought we should have. A good coffee wander. Maybe check out the National Museum? And other than that, just enjoooy each other’s company without paint stains on our hands or other practical stuff. We needed that.

But first of all we’re having our parents over for breakfast as a thank you for all of the help they’ve given us with painting and putting up wallpaper. My parents have been over several weekends and evenings to help out. What would we do without them?

So, it’s fully booked. With good stuff. And seeing as Adam is going out tonight, I’m thinking of kicking it all off with Strictly Come Dancing, YES! And a slice of banana cake, which I baked yesterday.

What’s your goal for the weekend? Is it full of plans? Practical or party? Like we discussed last weekend, on a scale of sofa imprint to high heels, where are we?

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