A Definite Professional Peak - when the Airport Called - ROCKPAPERDRESSES
A Definite Professional Peak – when the Airport Called

ROCKPAPERDRESSES, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Copenhagen Airport, Looklab, Taxfree shoppen i lufthavnen

What a year! I mean, baby, building our upstairs floor and then coming up to my first full year as independent.

It has definitely come with a few concerns. Especially the building part – gosh, by the end it really had me pull out my hair. But, wow, has it also offered a lot of joy.

Whereas I refer to last year as ‘annus horribilis,’ a dark chapter, resigning from DR, fertility treatment and all of the other tough factors, this year has without a doubt been quite a bit brighter. There’s probably some sort of ingenuity behind it all – emerging from the dark, I’m super capable of appreciating, enjoying, absorbing all of the good things. Even if you have to blink twice when the sun breaks through. You have to dare believing it and putting your concerns behind you.

in collaboration with Copenhagen Airport and LOOKLAB

ROCKPAPERDRESSES, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Copenhagen Airport, Looklab, Taxfree shoppen i lufthavnen

Something I’m very proud of when it comes to professional assignments has to be my big collaboration with Copenhagen Airport. I remember when Barbara (my great agent) called me earlier this year and just briefly mentioned something about the TAX FREE shop and the airport. Apparently, I sounded rather unimpressed in the beginning, because Barbara had to add that it was a huge prestige job. They’d be featuring me everywhere out there – and my predecessor as ‘ambassador’ was none other than Pernille Teisbæk. Queen of Danish style influencers. Okay – it did sound quite exciting.

ROCKPAPERDRESSES, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Copenhagen Airport, Looklab, Taxfree shoppen i lufthavnen

The task was to shine some light on the new TAX FREE shop in Copenhagen Airport. Have you had a chance to visit it yet? If not, I can tell you that they’ve created the most insane makeup vanity, named ‘Looklab,’ enabling people to freshen up before departure. And receive some loving care from professional makeup artists if so desired (somebody please show me how to apply eyeliner!). They’ve also expanded with even more crazy beauty brands, previously only available abroad. The luxurious makeover is palpable. Pretty funny, incidentally, because the last time I worked at the airport, in my gap year, it wasn’t particularly luxurious – I worked as promotor, sampling perfumes and selling everything from Linie Akvavit to sunburned Swedes to chocolates –  dressed as Nestlé-bunny. The latter; incredibly hot and involving lots of kids running straight into my bunny crotch for a hug, haha! Quite funny to be back there and work for them almost ten years later and then in such a fancy manner. Full circle.

ROCKPAPERDRESSES, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Copenhagen Airport, Looklab, Taxfree shoppen i lufthavnen

Little did I know what it actually would come to entail when I accepted the assignment. And while I was in America on the grand ‘Visit California’ trip, I received another call from Barbara. This shoot that was coming up in a few days – that is, the day after I’d be coming back from California – was suddenly scheduled for the middle of the night. For twelve hours straight. Times two. And, meanwhile, I was three/four months pregnant and super tired. On top of such a long journey with lots of impressions and a tight schedule. I remember crying from exhaustion upon receiving the call – and Barbara asked me if I wanted to pull out. I had to call my mummy – you know the feeling? I just wanted to check in with her to see if it was a completely insane programme. Would I risk ruining something? Would my body be able to handle it? Would the baby be able to cope? And she said yes and yes. I trusted her and forwarded my yes. We’re doing this.

And how grateful I am now. When I came into the airport around 5pm, I met the coolest team.Mette-Marie, Sus. The entire production. Director, light and sound technicians, photographers, dollies (for making those smooth shots where they wheel the camera on a cart – very Hollywood), choreographer, makeup artists, stylists. I have never and may never get to experience something like that again (until the guys from Eurovison call me, of course). At that point, I sort of started to grasp the scale of the project.

And now we’re hanging in super-sized versions all over the airport. And throughout the summer, our little SATC video has been running in the cinemas. And on TV2 Lorry, I think. And you’ve sent me so many small clips and selfies with me. It has been such a cool assignment to get. And as an independent business owner – I am mega-mega proud. That a client as big as the Airport chooses me, sticks up my photo with Sophie Ellis Bextor-like eyeshadow in the airport for millions of people to see. Tired-first-trimester-me, at that; so incredibly beautifully styled by such professional types. It was crazy. Being granted the association with something as luxury-delicious asthe new Looklab (you can seemy little tour through it here), being able to experience such a huge production. With smart co-ladies. Wauw. Please continue to bring me along with you on your holidays and work trips – it’s so super nice to receive your snaps from Looklab and the beginning of your adventures in the big (or little – you could also be flying to Aalborg) world.

May next year offer even crazier work assignments. I’m so immensely thankful – and now with the opportunity of having the best Ellen as assistant to help me out. And you guys by my side. I am so grateful. My year of sunshine. At home and at work.

ROCKPAPERDRESSES, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Copenhagen Airport, Looklab, Taxfree shoppen i lufthavnen

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