Happy Weekend

I don’t recall ever looking that much forward to a weekend as I’m doing now. Not that anything wild or exciting is happening. It’s just that Adam is at home again, and it’s just nicer, more fun and easier being two at everything. It means that going to the loo, taking a shower and grabbing lunch doesn’t have to be caught as a quick opportunity (or dropped as unachievable); rather, I get to enjoy all of them. Yup, you actually end up enjoying trips to the bathroom, haha…

So – what’s the theme of our weekend?

Laundry! Haha!

Laundry and admin. A long time ago, I asked Tine Lindhard to make a signet ring, the kind that features your initials on a flat surface, my maternity leave present to myself. She has made a wax model, and tomorrow I’m paying her a visit to check it out and have it adjusted – can’t wait. She’ll add small, downwards-pointing stones on the side, as a symbol of Adam, me, the baby – and perhaps also one for Frida, haha, as she’s also part of the family (and the more stones the better)! And then the initials for each of us will be on top; A, C and E. He’s a Baby E. And it’s not that I want to be secretive about it – we just wanted to get to know him, as he might have turned out to be a Baby A instead. And now we want to be able to share the name with our nearest and dearest before sharing it with the wider world.

On Sunday, some of our close friends are coming over to meet him. We haven’t had that many visitors yet as we’ve really tried to keep it simple and let ourselves settle in first. But it’s also lovely to show him off.

Those are our weekend plans! Nothing huge, nothing crazy; we don’t have the energy for that yet. And perhaps we’ll even be able to take a nap as well, …

As a contrast, I’ve also been invited to a giant 30th birthday at the club on Saturday, but my companion is under-aged so I’m opting for Strictly Come Dancing, The Great Bake Off and Herrens Veje! My ‘high’ isn’t cocktails and polished dance shoes but how nice the tv show looks. The evening entertainment Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. That’s that for the weekend, haha! Who needs an arrogant DJ when you get to hear evergreens as interpreted by The Antonelli Orchestra?

On a scale of Club to Bake Off, where are you this weekend? What are your plans? I highly recommend visiting La Banchina, something we FINALLY got around to doing last Tuesday, Adam’s final day of leave for now. A cup of good coffee, a bread roll with cheese and this view.

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