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Four Good Shows for the Weekend: Feel Good, Fantasy, Drag and Gloomy

Woah, it’s been a while since I last gave you some show recommendations, but now I’ve got some really good ones up my sleeve. Even more than the ones I’ve included here, but that gives you something to look forward to.

It’s a pretty mixed bunch – some is completely in the Halloween-spirit with witches and wizards, a pure fantasy show. Then there’s a feel-good family show, some glittery reality and a sombre, sombre autumn show, which is better watched with someone by your side.

Maybe a treat for the weekend? ENJOY!

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ATYPICAL (Netflix)

This is definitely not a big and expensive show, far from it. Parts of the setting almost seem cardboard-like, but I really think there’s something to it and it’s not like any other show out there.

Sam is 18 years of age and about to graduate high school, but he’s not like any of the other kids at his school – being autistic, Sam sees the world in quite a few more colours than the rest of us. And this is overwhelming and sometimes quite hilarious. On top of that, he’s at a stage where he needs to find himself, grow independent and create some distance to his family – especially to his mum, who has been over-protective throughout his life and taken care of him.

It’s a charming and fine little coming of age show, following the Gardners. A sister, who has always come second because Sam required more attention. A mum, who has always been there for her kids – to the extent that she has trouble finding herself now that they don’t need her anymore. And a dad, who is genuinely good but rarely given the opportunity to show it. Lots of small laughs and actually also a great insight into a world with autism. I’m not sure whether I’m selling it well, haha, but it’s a highly recommendable light and fine show!

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And as light and fine you’ll find Atypical, as dark and creepy is Sharp Object. Think True Detective!

Camille Preaker, an alcoholic and a mediocre journalist, is sent back to the tiny backwater town, Wind Gap, Missouri, by her boss to cover the murder of one girl and the disappearance of another. However, the trip back to Wind Gap confronts her with all of the demons in her life, the reason for her alcohol abuse and for the many scars covering her body due to self harm. She is forced back to a town which is so conservative, so closed off in a state of grief. It’s not the first time the town has lost people. Might the cases be connected? Is there a serial killer on the loose? And is Camille capable of avoiding being sucked back into it all, avoiding a return to darkness, to self harm?

You shouldn’t watch this one alone on a dark night. We watched it in the summer, and it’s very appropriate for those long, light Scandinavian nights, haha! But there’s something about this completely slow narrative technique, which only underlines the atmosphere in this southern dormitory town. It’s so well-made and with quite a twist! Remember watching the credits after the last episode, just saying!

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This is a totally different story – and unfortunately I’m only able to find two seasons on Netflix, but I think there are ten in total. This belongs to the game show genre. And it’s pretty entertaining. Project Runway meets America’s Next Top Model. In a drag version. Adult drags, who are challenged weekly by the insanely talented host, Rupaul (yes, it’s him on the photo – SO beautiful in his drag!). They are so worth a watch – when it comes to drama as well as glitter!

Rupaul appears to be quite an institution in the drag environment in the States, and the show gives me a pretty unique insight into a world about which I know nothing. It’s obviously a great honour to be on the show – a lot of the contestants have been applying for years before making it. Each and every one of them has so much personality and represents their hometown – some serious divas! You sense a distinct New York drag scene, a distinct Atlanta drag scene, etc., and the contestants are so conceited and REPRESENTIN’ with a rare zest.

You’ll get glitter, hair spray, padding (I’m learning so much new stuff!), net pantyhose, tears, pageant feel, intrigues. The whole package! It’s my favourite maternity leave telly, as it doesn’t require your full attention but still allows you to learn a little bit about a different world.

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SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH IS BACK! Who else would watch this religiously as a child? Who remembers Zelda and Hilda and Harvey Kinkle and the really pathetic mechanical cat, Salem? The show has returned! In a very dark and sombre version – and with Don Draper’s daughter as Sabrina. She’s a woman now!

Sabrina is facing her baptism as a witch, the choice between the world of the mortals – her friends, high school life and her boyfriend – and then the world that her family belongs to; the world of wizardry. Apparently the two worlds can’t be combined so she must choose. And Satan puts pressure on her – he wants her onthe dark side. Oh yes! The one with the hooves and everything.

Take Harry Potter, Charmed and the characters from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and then you’ve got a preeeetty wicked witch show with murder, witch hunt, dark forces, full moon and the devil’s work. Spooky!

(Pssst…. It makes me think of my own dreams of doing Wicca and getting a wand when I was about 11-12 years old. Back then I spent all of my savings on books like ‘White Magic’ and was constantly on the lookout for a decent wand (preferably made from a branch of an apple tree). Good times. Didn’t all girls go through a period like that?)


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