Happy Weekend

It’s been a pretty tough week! Adam was away all of yesterday, from early in the morning until late in the evening. I haven’t been sleeping a lot at night because the baby has been upset and restless, and during the day he has been hanging in my arms all of the time (he is very welcome to do so, all of the intimacy he wants – but it obviously inhibits my excesses; such as taking a shower and making lunch, for instance, haha… such luxuries! Like one of you wrote on insta; ‘who’s got time for firm cheeses?! What luxury!’ Sliced cheese is the way to go!). Teeny tiny baby friend; you really want to help him, but he’s probably increasing his milk intake, which makes him a bit uneasy.

We have been wrapping, and I bought the sling cradle – and he has already taken to naps in it! AND I’ve booked an appointment with an osteopath as he may need some help after the tough birth. AND – everything is a phase. I tell myself… It’s the truth.

What are your plans for the weekend?

We’re going on our first trip! And I’m honestly quite nervous… About the amount of gear we have to bring on the long roadtrip with a baby. About our first event with a baby. My closest friend’s son is getting christened in Vejle, Jutland – he is just two months older than our son. So nice. And it’s fortunately the kind of thing where it’s okay that we withdraw to our room if he’s unhappy.

I booked a room for us at Comwell tonight – and if you have a few tips for a nice dinner in Vejle, please let me know! Perhaps it’s easier to just eat at the hotel? Honestly, I’m just excited to watch Dancing with the Stars, and may not need to dine out. Rather just pizza in the room? Perhaps luck will have it that they do roomservice!

We return tomorrow after the christening, and then we’re just chilling. I’m pretty excited to see how he, and I, deal with all of the impressions, so the rest of the weekend is for digesting all of it.

What are your plans for the weekend? Pick ‘n’ mix and takeout? Dancing with the stars? Heels and getting sloshed? Oh, I’d love a glass of wine tonight when we arrive, haha, haha!

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