Happy Weekend

YES, YES, YES! Glitter, Dancing with the Stars finale, champagne, long walks hand-in-hand (another genius side benefit of wrapping – hand-in-hand is easy-peasy).

– reality is a bedridden man, who’s been served tea with honey on the bedside table. A baby, who really has to be persuaded and persuaded and persuaded to take a nap. And a dog that’s definitely a bit under-stimulated currently. Life! Not to mention all of our clutter. Man, it’s messy around here! I don’t get around to doing anything! So, no glitter; walks, of course, but it will be hand-in-hand with Frida or the baby. Maybe still Dancing with the Stars finale, if not with Adam, then in my own company! What do we do next Friday? Which show will entertain me and us for the next several weeks? Until X-Factor is back on, haha! YES! I’m living for the TV-guide these days and appreciate on-demand when my attention span is down the drain.

What are we up to this weekend? Tonight it’s definitely Dancing with the Stars – it is the finale, after all. And I’m pretty crazy about Simon. But they are all so good! Damn it! I’d love to make an extra effort at home, but if Adam is still sick by then, it’s not really champagne and chips with dip he’ll be craving. So, perhaps just peace and quiet. Aarstiderne-leftovers and a Christmas cookie – reading this, it does sound a bit pathetic, really, haha!

I actually have a Christmas party with my uni friends tomorrow, and I MISS them. Man, I’d love it. But I doubt I’ll be going. I’ve cancelled all plans this week (the few I had) to give Eddie some space, and all of the outings – they are not really for him but for myself. Which is also appropriate. Stocking up on companionship, laughter, adult time. But it will come back, it will! So, we’ll probably end up watching Harry Potter films again. We’re now on the sixth in the series – and I already have plans for when we finish in a few weeks. Christmas films! Love Actually and … Yes, what are we actually watching? Last year we watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – shit, it’s bad, haha! and Home Alone we always watch on Christmas Day. Perhaps The Polar Express?

This Sunday, we have a family lunch with Adam’s siblings and nieces and nephews – and it’s been a while since we’ve seen them so I’d really love to go. But as is the case with the Christmas party – I’m ready to cancel everything on the day itself if I don’t feel like we’re up for it. So, maybe Eddie and I will stay at home. Let’s see.

What are your plans? Chips with dips? On the couch or on the dance floor?

Psst… Can I just say thank you for a couple of nice chats and inputs in everyday snaps about expectations and maternity gifts – and on (parental leave) holidays. I particularly find the tips on babies and heat very useful, thank you! We’ll think about it.

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