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Good morning friends,

I’m up early today because I’m off on a work assignment, bam! I’m very excited and honestly also a bit nervous, as baby is coming with me. Bring your kid to work day, haha! I remember what it was like when my parents would bring me along. With my dad, I could: 1) play with the whiteboard, draw, sketch, write; 2) play with the calculator on his desk, the one that spat one these small receipts (this was pre-mobile phone, early 90s). And then I looked forward to going to the canteen with him as they had this big clever piece of furniture with lots of small boxes containing food – what you’d describe as a salad buffet. Complete with: ham chunks, canned corn, spiral-shaped pasta and all of the other good stuff people ate back then. And thousand island dressing of course. My dad has always been working in the food service industry, and back then he was with Knorr/Heidelberg. I was raised on powder bearnaise and lasagna from a box. And then of course; thousand island.

Today, it will be a wrapped baby, a baby in a stroller, who hopefully will be able to nap for the entire 3.5 hours. Barbara, my agent, is joining us to help take good care of him. I’m so excited to see how it goes. Let’s hope it goes well.

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The most beautiful flower bouquet I’ve seen in a while – a gift from my agents at Social Zoo. Blomsterskuret made it, and I love, love, love their work. They were also the ones who made my bridal bouquet and Frida’s. Well, her version of a bouquet; a flower collar, cuute.

Having flowers in the bedroom is highly recommendable, by the way. I don’t think I’ve ever had that before, but it feels particularly extravagant to me, haha! So lovely to wake up to such a big and beautiful bouquet. And the fragrance fills the room, ahh! I must buy a new one. Perhaps a tad smaller, hehe…

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Every single morning. This morning nap, I love it! The baby hasn’t really been loving his sleep these past nights. Really many nights, hehe… So, as we don’t sleep at night, we sleep during the day – or, stay in bed until 9am, at least. Man, it’s nice. A bit of breastfeeding, sleeping, cuddling, kissing, breastfeeding again. On loop.

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I actually think we’ve become good at getting solid meals. Thank God for Aarstiderne. They save us! But now and then we turn to takeaway (nope, I didn’t get around to stocking my freezer with lasagna and sausage rolls). And shamelessly so; and check out that pizza box! Really pretty (that the pizza itself wasn’t half as exciting… Maybe it’s a bit unfair to say so, though, as it was transported here on a bicycle all the way from Nørrebro).

And something happened over the past few weeks; I lost my desire to eat meat! I haven’t been all in on vegetarian food, but for a while, four out of seven of our dinners have been vegetarian. And that has sort of escalated. Whenever I’ve had meat, like ham on that pizza or bacon/sausages with my weekend egg, I haven’t even felt like eating it. I wonder if it’s a phase, or whether I’m slowly about to go completely vegetarian? Isn’t that how it often starts? Less and less meat and suddenly you don’t feel like it at all?

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One of the really nice maternity leave gifts; a glitter-to-go-cup from the Wife Club for my many walks. In glitter and pink. They know me so well! I’ve also bought a KleenKanteen – a thermos for keeping my coffee hot. The idea is to cut down on the cafe takeaway coffees as they’re gonna end up ruining my maternity leave budget, hehe… I need to be a bit responsible now, really! 

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Frida has become so nice around the baby! In the beginning she couldn’t even be bothered to look at him, smell him or anything, but now she finds him so exciting. She kisses his forehead, stares at him – and he lets her do it, totally unaffected.

The other day I dared taking a shower, and all of a sudden Frida entered the bathroom. As if she wanted to get me, ‘hey, your baby is crying’ – I just couldn’t hear it despite the open door. So damn cute. She is a good dog.

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We went on an exotic trip to Vejle this weekend – it was quite a long journey, but we made it! It was for my dear friend’s son’s christening; she has returned to Jutland after years in Copenhagen.

Jutland is not at all on our radar; it would be silly to move away from our families, but, wow, it’s a lovely place! So much! The nature (we do have that in Zealand as well, of course), the fields, the air – and the people. I love people from Jutland. You have such a lovely calm energy about you.

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Look at that. The nature! This season. Perhaps my new favourite? Is it just me or is the autumn particularly beautiful this year?

Mølholm Kirke, the christening location. SO pretty. And mega fresh pastor – the hymns were displayed on a tv screen, and the second ‘hymn’ was a Kim Larson song, exploding out into the room. Everyone burst out laughing from surprise when ‘De smukke unge mennesker’ reverberated against the stone walls of the church. 

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Some days we are allowed to cuddle in bed, yes. Take our time. Yes. And then there are those really early days when we chase each other out of bed because we have a programme. It is nice to watch the sunrise sometimes (and in these dark days you don’t have to get out of bed that early to watch it). But sprinting along hastily – you almost can’t do that. Everything takes time with a baby. But that’s one of the things I’ve been looking forward to. Being present here and now and not stressing onwards in the world.


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