Happy weekend

Also in retrospect! I didn’t even get around to blogging yesterday morning. I woke up around 6:30am, not naturally, but with a little help from my 2-month old alarm clock. We got out of bed, took a shower. First me, then him. Let Adam sleep for another hour before tiptoeing back up to wake him up, and with nothing in the fridge, my suggestion was to venture out to find breakfast. Wulff & Konstali in Sankt Hans Torv, Mirabelle or Hart. I also found that there was something to celebrate what with that book launch. On Friday, we had talked about paying Tivoli a visit, but when at 8:47pm I asked Adam whether to wrap the baby or take the stroller, he responded, ‘why not just go to bed?’ The most boring Friday night in history. Especially seeing as it was supposed to have been celebratory.

I often feel like doing something at the weekends because I spend so much time at home during the week. True, I do go for walks. But I feel like doing something – with Adam, all three/four of us. I feel like leaving the house.

So, this Saturday morning, we got dressed, let Frida out, and wandered off to find breakfast. All the way to Nørrebro and Mirabelle. The best burned bread in town. Adam thought it sounded far away, ‘can’t we drive?’, but the distances in Copenhagen are nothing when you do them all the time. All of a sudden I can go anywhere because I’m always walking.

Mirabelle was already pretty packed when we got there, but we managed to get a few seats, and the coffee was good as always. I’d say that the Guldbergsgade ‘hood, Jægersborg, Rosenvængets Allé and Værnedamsvej are the most charming areas of Copenhagen. Do you agree?

Then we wandered back home at a speedy pace to keep warm. Down Elmegade, under the pines and lights. Home to Frederiksberg, where my dad was waiting – he just wanted to say hi to Eddie (and secondly, us – pretty sweet to experience your parents become grandparents (even if they already were so)). He cuddled the baby and left again, and then we started getting ready for a late afternoon Christening. Or, that is, we were invited for coffee and cake along with all of the friends. And around 6pm, we returned home, picking up food on the way, and settled into the couch, which we didn’t leave again until heading to bed. We’ve reached the penultimate Harry Potter film! What do we do next weekend?! Embark on the Christmas films? That’s a question for next weekend.

Today, the plan is to say hi to my mum, who’s doing Christmas hygge for her kids and grandkids. A day with the potential to turn into a delightful tradition once Eddie is old enough to participate.

And with such a weekend, I’m almost excited for the week ahead, haha! Friday may have been boring, but the rest of the time off was pretty action-packed. It would be a shame to start missing Dancing with the Stars, haha!

How was your weekend?

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