Happy Weekend

I feel as if December passed already, haha! Yes, I do know that we’re not even halfway through, but we almost only have next week left to get anything done in, and then all of Denmark will shut down for Christmas. Nearly, at least. It easily feels like it when the bakery as well as the grocery store are closed for several consecutive days.

And this year it’s good, Christmas, for those who don’t work on weekends and holidays, that is. Christmas Eve is on a monday – it doesn’t get any better than that! All of those holidays between Christmas and New Year’s – and even in the run-up! The entire country will be hibernating for about a week. But isn’t that also quite healthy? Turn down the pace and up the wellbeing.

Next week marks the final working week for Adam – and the final week of maternity leave for me. My solo-parental leave is coming to an end! It’s wonderful as well as a bit sad – mostly because it’s a clear marker of how quickly time flies. Adam is off until the end of August, and I will return to work. More focussed than what’s been the case so far, that is – but from home. Like in the old days, when I was always blogging from the sofa. The office must wait until sometime after the summer.

It quickly becomes a lovely mix of sleeping in on some days and enjoying the holiday spirit together. With other days out of the house and in meetings. Having a few hours every day where I can concentrate on work (wow, you become efficient!), while the two of them will go for a walk. I’m looking forward to that.

Because it will also mean that I’ll be even more present when I’m off work. And if anybody were to take pity on me or Eddie, I just want to emphasise that it’s a big gift to have a job as flexible as mine and that Adam and Eddie will have the opportunity to become close. There’s no doubt that I currently know him better. But that’s how it always will be for the one who is there. Now we’ll both be there – and I will gain an additional hand for running my business.

Enough about that – weekend first. Then we’ll get to Adam’s infinite weekend on the other side of next week, hehe… Adam has a Christmas party tonight (if he’s feeling it; he doesn’t quite know – he also just feels like hanging with us. We are a damn good team!). I’m thinking Love Actually, cream puffs from Social Foodies, coffee and baby kisses today. And food delivery, no doubt. Maybe ‘one of the round, flat ones,’ which is how my dad, in ultra ‘dadish,’ refers to a pizza. Tomorrow, we had a plan that’s been cancelled, which enables us to do some Christmas shopping for the approaching Christmas Eve at our place. Not that we’re that keen to drag things home from the grocery store – but if you want stuff delivered to the door, you also gotta sort that out. And that Christmas tree! We have to pick that up! And on Sunday we’re off to a Christmas gathering with friends up north.

Another quiet weekend, something I’ve grown used to and fond of.

What are you doing? It’s one of the big Christmas party weekends, isn’t it?

Psst.. Bought a jug of gløgg at Winterspring yesterday. Well, that sounds heftier than it really was, haha! But two small cups is what it amounted to. Worth a dizzying DKK 90 (with a cookie on the side) – but, wow, it was good!

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