Happy Weekend!

I’ve really been looking forward to this one, for a few weeks, actually. Not because we’re doing anything crazy. But it’s Adam’s birthday (AND he’s going on paternity leave for real today!). Unlike me, he really doesn’t care about that silly stuff. Sometimes, it occurs to me that I really married an adult. In the adult way. How can you not care about your birthday?! Should I be concerned? It says a lot about a person how they deal with their birthday, right? And when they don’t deal with it at all, it is cause for concern. However, seeing as he’s yet to reveal other peculiarities, I shall hold on to him for yet another while, haha … Except for the fact that it really does take him a long time to remove price tags from things, haha … Even after starting to use them. Weird, right?

Oh well, I shouldn’t expose his peculiarities here, as he’d probably get right back at me with a few of my own (like the fact that I always sleep with my legs crossed, have an aversion to things associated with picking / filing nails and freak out completely at the sound of nails scratching against nails). I’m thinking we ought to celebrate him somehow. But how do I ensure it won’t just end up in yet another Netflix-baby-Friday (MY GOD! Is X-Factor starting this week, because then the Friday is saved. We were just about to suffer from a dry spell after the bakeoff and Strictly have finished!). That’s something I’ve got to sort out. I mean, we can’t really go out for dinner … I know that some people risk it – with their baby (I’m not at all ready to be without and get a sitter). But that’s not the type of baby we’ve got on our hands, hehe … Who can be bothered to hang out on an arm on a lukewarm restaurant. I’d like for it to be a bit more special than yet another night at Wolt. He is turning 35, after all.

But I can spend the day figuring that out. Because I’m staying in. All day today. After the 3-months vaccination yesterday, I decided to also take this day off. You never know how it goes. So, as for me? I want to go for a nice long walk. The kind with gloves, stroller and hot drinks.

Tomorrow, we’ve got no plans – other than getting rid of the Christmas decorations. We’ve put it all in boxes already. But now they’re standing there so calmly on the living room floor. We’ve got until Epiphany, right? That’s the day after tomorrow, so … And then it hits me that the lunar exhibition at Louisiana is coming to an end – I SO want to experience that. Perhaps a Saturday expedition?

Sunday, we’re headed over to some friends for breakfast. We haven’t seen them in a while. And that’s about it! Still no wild parties, unless I manage to conjure up some glitter on the telly.

What are your plans? Dreams of X-Factor, birthday celebrations, burger and bare bellies? (God, what a delightful combination!)

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