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Hundredth edition of these everyday glimpses, my girls and guys! That’s some sort of anniversary. And this time, we’re looking back on a real January-like January. The kind with grey weather, melancholy and nostalgia.

I wish we could go away! I really, really wish, but you’ll have to wait until May for our next holiday, which once again will be in Italy. We’re just so in love with the country after several years’ infatuation with France. It was time for some new energy and inspiration. And even if Italy in many ways is super familiar, what with all of its gelato and pizza, which almost are stables in this house, it’s still thrilling to be exploring a new country. Hence why we chose to continue this year after a fabulous trip last year.

Incidentally, I’m working on my Italy guide after our trip last year – it’s coming. Hopefully this week or next.

But first – last week  <3

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen snowflakes quite as big as the ones that fell last Monday before. It was insane. And, yes, yes, it would have been nice with some snow a month ago. But I don’t mind at all. I’ll welcome it now. 

It is so magical. The white sky, all of the roofs. The city covered n snow. The calm that settles over us. Pretty remarkable. Even though it quickly turns black, the snow, from the traffic and busy feet. Unless it melts before then. 

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, hverdagsglimt

We’ve got lots of firsts ahead of us – one of them was the first time in a swimming pool. So much hustle and bustle for ten minutes in the water. All right. It was fully worth it, though. Immersing yourself in the hot water with a baby smiling from ear to ear. There’s really something to it.

We didn’t get a spot on the baby swim team – it is virtually impossible in Frederiksberg Svømmehal (ed. our local swimming pool); people are ready to book at midnight when the teams are posted. But the sweetest woman, who kept an eye on the pool, was really helpful. According to her, the best approach is ten minutes in the water the first time, and then a bit longer the next time. And in no time he’ll be a water dog! His dad would love that, seeing as I’m not really, hehe…

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, hverdagsglimt

I dream of taking Adam to all of those insta breakfast spots that I’ve visited over the past few years, hehe… When you’re finally able to go there on a weekday when it’s less crowded – gotta take advantage of that. 

Here from Sanders, which is quite decent – not the most amazing breakfast, but a nice selection. And the best thing about it? The atelier on top of the building, where you can enjoy your breakfast. That spot is just the best if you’re longing for some tropical holiday vibes.

I also think we’ll be heading back to Lille Bageri, Sonnys and Rist. It’s been so long since we went to the latter.

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, hverdagsglimt

The first time I saw this picture from Adam’s story on insta, I got so scared because it looks so freaky. But then it hit me – we made an emoji kid, haha! This emoji really looks like him – the cowlick on his forehead. Equally freaky and genius.

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, hverdagsglimt

I’ve struggled a bit with confidence issues lately. Clearly spurred by two things; less time to fix things at home. I just feel a bit inadequate. You know that feeling? The fridge really needs cleaning. I’m sorting dirty laundry in piles, but from there until crossing the yard and entering the basement and actually do the washing – apparently that’s too far. My ‘clothes chair’ is more just ‘clothes’ as you can’t really make out the chair under it. Not to speak of general decluttering. I want an adult, who can come over and go for a walk with Eddie, so we can get to the bottom of things at the house. It’s stupid that I let it grow within me and make me feel inadequate but that’s how I’m feeling currently. And the other reason – instagram. I’ve never let it get to me as something that could rob me off my confidence, but perhaps due to the fact that I generally feel a bit fragile and low on power, the scope is there for that as well. I don’t feel quite cool enough, fashion enough. I envy those who travel to tropical countries and get to wear summer dresses – now that Adam and I have agreed to cut down on long-haul flights, haha! I want to go too! But we’re not ‘allowed’ – that’s the agreement.

I’ve felt worn out, uncool, gawky, beside myself, as if I don’t quite fit the bill in an online world of really cool women. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t show, however. I do try my best to apply nice makeup and put on some clothes that could look cool. And I’m also aware that it’s a temporary thing and perhaps really is rooted in a lack of sleep – that it twists my expectations to myself and my reality image of others.

Perhaps it also has got something to do with my own internal conflict. Who am I now? I really try to maintain my ‘before-identity’ with outfit photos on insta, try to hold on to me from back then, so that the fashion clients don’t disappear, etc. I really want business to be as usual – even if I’m not. I am just really very mum currently. No sleep, lots of breastfeeding at all hours of the day, even if it isn’t super fashion. Perhaps I should just try and change this perception? Make it fashion. Even though there’s no ‘just’ when you’re a bit beat. 

Everything is a phase – even confidence issues. It comes in waves, and then the day will appear when it flips over and everything returns to normal.

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, hverdagsglimt

As my mum is in the middle of a huge decluttering project at home, she’ll occasionally send me these old pictures of pictures (hence the quality). Good old funny pictures. Like the one I shared on my story, which resulted in you sharing heaps of memories yourselves. My appearance in the EyeQ look-a-like competition, circa 2002. 

I had spent all of my needlework lessons making our denim costumes to match the band in the ‘I want what she’s got’ video. Denim in space. We so wanted to perform in Lyngby Storcenter, as I recall it, but we didn’t manage to get a slot there. Consequently, we ended up in Asnæs Bycenter, far from home, without anyone in the audience knowing us, except Mia’s mum, as she had taken us there. Which is why we were met by an intense silence as we entered the stage. NO ONE clapped. So, we were asked to step down again, only to walk back up with people clapping. NOT great for the self-esteem of a flock of 13-year-olds, haha!  

Of course we didn’t make it to the next round. But, woah, it was nice to hear about your memories and participation in the competition on insta as well – all of the envy towards the winners, who made it into Snurre Snups Søndagsklub and shared the photo evidence. In this regard, I love social media – when they actually enable people to come together and laugh and reminisce, totally spontaneously.

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, hverdagsglimt

I want for Eddie to have a bigger room so I really can decorate, hehe… I think I’d be really good at it! Especially with all of those beautiful old things – I just love decorating with them. Great to work with some recycling.

I got these off @Childlikeliving on Insta, where I also bought the nicest children’s bench. Her rather genius concept lets you return her furniture when your kids outgrow them and trade them for something new and different. Isn’t that neat? And SUPER sustainable. She loves all of her pieces of furniture, and only carries good stuff – so it really makes sense for her to take back items. I am all about supporting initiatives like that. 

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, hverdagsglimt

I gotta put together a separate post to show off this dress properly – all of the details!

My mum had her wedding gown from 1981 sewn into a Christening gown – we’ve discussed that for so long, and now it finally happened, and it’s a dream! Almost 1:1 with the wedding dress, just in a miniature format. 

We finally pulled ourselves together and scheduled a Christening (speaking of, call an adult!). Our biggest dilemma in that respect has been the potentially very high expenses. We just really need to be a bit careful with our money over the next months, what with Adam on benefits. Seeing as our house is too small to act as a venue, we’ll have to host it elsewhere, which quickly becomes expensive. But now we’ve agreed to invite the closest family, just siblings and parents, out for a (vegetarian) lunch, and then we’ll have friends over for coffee and cake afterwards. Following the example of good friends back in December. It worked out pretty well. And hopefully no one will be insulted by the constellation. Furthermore, we’re laser sharp when it comes to the guest list – we’d easily be able to reach 100 with kids. Rather than that, we’ll be around 50, which works out financially.

My close friend Tanja said that it surprised her how emotional it was when her second son was Christened. I sobbed as well when they stepped into the church so I’m sure it will be the same scenario when it’s our turn? 

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