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Marie’s blog has been on my reading list since way before I started blogging myself. Back when it was called Vilde kaniner (ed. ‘Wild bunnies’), she was a ‘blackster,’ and she had the coolest Atacoma in town – a wedge boot from Anne, which in my student days I was only able to dream of. Marie was the coolest girl in the lifestyle blogger world, and when she wrote a blackster-manifest, I had to honour her in my own way by writing the opposite – an anti-blackster-manifest. Having said goodbye to black years before that, I still found her very inspirational.
Today, even more so. She is the kind of girl I could have put in several interview categories. Home. She lives in the most enviably GORGEOUS home. Her taste is impeccable! Career. She must be one of the first Danes capable of making a living as a blogger, and this was way before she turned 25. But I went with her style. The eye for fashion, which is what first blew me away about Marie. Even though her black style has been swapped for rainbow colours, her style is just as strong and personal as ever. She is incredibly clever at what she does – and then we share a mutual love of musicals. What’s not to like?

Marie Jedig, Rockpaperdresses, Mode, dansk blogger, influencer

Name: Marie Jedig

Age: 26

City: København

Occupation: Influencer

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic and in constant motion.

What does your everyday uniform consist of?

This is a non-existent concept for me; and I always dress according to my mood. Jeans are however a repeat item in almost all outfits!

Has it changed over the years, or do you recognise yourself in your style in photos from e.g. ten years ago?

I’ve always loved experimenting and have never worried about other people’s opinions, why my style has changed exceptionally much over the years. Speaking of old photos, I met up with an old business partner the other day, who didn’t recognise me at all – exactly because of the big change in my looks and style.

Today, so many things are so accessible – just a click away from the couch. And rather than one style or tendency being in at a time, there are lots! And we see all of it on instagram during fashion weeks, via street style, etc. If it were me, I could easily be carried away and become an overstuffed Christmas tree in my quest to try it all out. How do you make sure to stay true to your style?

I feel that personal style is being misunderstood in the sense that it requires faithfulness. Your style is yours exactly because YOU select it and put it together, and I really feel that you need to think less about style and more about what you really like – and feel comfortable wearing.
I still clearly recall my very first shoe purchase, a pair of slippers with platforms, black and white, from Bjørn Borg, bought in the pedestrian street in Fredensborg. I LOVED them.

Do you remember what your first shoe / clothes purchase for your own money was?

I still clearly remember a metallic purple Friis & Co. purse, which I bought after having seen my musical teacher at the time, and huge idol, Judy, wearing it. Unfortunately, it passed away years ago, but I still remember the feeling of investing in something SO meaningful.
(Follow-up question from me, which she possibly could reply to in the comments section; was it the one with the butterfly clasp?? In canvas?? Sister from another mister!)

Marie Jedig, Rockpaperdresses, Mode, dansk blogger, influencer
We also have to consider the other side of the coin. The fashion industry, which you and I both participate in, is one of the most polluting in the world. How much do you think about this?
My friend works with sustainability, and she is preaching about the environmental consequences of the industry on a daily basis, which obviously affects my own awareness. I think about the problem and primarily buy secondhand, but I must honestly admit that I prioritise aesthetics. I’m hoping for greater variety when it comes to sustainable production and trade in the future.
What do you do to decrease your own footprint (example: buy GOTS-certified, buy secondhand, limit the amount of items you allow yourself to buy, etc.)?
Secondhand is really the way forward for me: I’ve bought and sold used items since I was 12 years of age, and really love finding treasures online and in physical thrift shops.

It’s easy buying new things, for the thrill of it, to keep up with others and to feel cool. We would like to see three of your favourite pieces. BUT – they have to be at least three years old – and you must have worn them at least once in the past month.
Tell us the story behind them? (When were they bought? Have you worn them at special occasions? Include minimum one photo of the pieces or when you were wearing them?)

#1 piece

Marie Jedig, Rockpaperdresses, Mode, dansk blogger, influencer

My vintage suit from Chanel in the finest light blue colour! I think that the idea of owning a Chanel suit has been turning me on ever since my passion for fashion kicked off – and a few years ago, I finally found an outfit in the right colour, cut, size and price range. In this photo, I’m wearing it for a photo shoot.

#2 piece

Marie Jedig, Rockpaperdresses, Mode, dansk blogger, influencer

I love quirky and theatrical elements in stylings, and my cowboy hat is my new favourite. It was bought used on Etsy, and was with my on Gran Canaria, where this photo is from.

#3 piece

Marie Jedig, Rockpaperdresses, Mode, dansk blogger, influencer

This vintage Chanel cashmere knit has quite a silly story; because actually I bought the same knit years back, only to grow tired of it and selling it quite quickly again. After that, I spent half a year trying to buy it back, unfortunately without luck. A few months ago, it FINALLY appeared on eBay, totally overpriced – but I didn’t care, because this was the first case of me ever regretting a sale, so I reckon there’s got to be a purpose of it landing back with me again.

Three short ones:

What’s the biggest tendency this winter?

Everything with western / cowboy / saloon references.

Which brand do you most admire?

Phebe Philo made a HUGE impact on Céline, and the industry lost a legendary collaboration when Hedi Slimanes took over.

Which clothing item should all women have in their wardrobe? (the little black dress, nice underwear, etc.)

The perfect jeans! Shape, wash and size don’t matter, as long as they make you feel like a better version of yourself.

Marie Jedig, Rockpaperdresses, Mode, dansk blogger, influencer

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