Happy weekend

Skabt af Cathrine Widunok Wichmand

This week!! Could we have wished for anything more beautiful? Sunshine, clear weather, blue skies. People with bare arms, an aperol in the sun, first ice cream of the year.

And now for the first spring weekend. Magical, right? How do you plan to spend it? Gardening? Fastelavnsboller (ed. seasonal pastry)? Hungover on the couch?

We’ve planned something as exciting as a working weekend. We’ve booked my mum in for a walk with Eddie this morning (and of course we’ll treat her to breakfast beforehand) – and meanwhile, we’ll finish all of the paintwork that we didn’t manage to wrap up before the birth. Doors and panels on the first floor. And tomorrow morning, we’ll repeat the scenario, this time with my dad behind the stroller. Perhaps it would have been nice to spend this grandparent-Eddie-time on catching up on some sleep or gazing into each other’s eyes on a hot date, hehe… But right now we really need to complete these small projects so that’s the priority.

If all is well, we’ll be heading to a family birthday party this afternoon, but let’s see how far we get.

Good times, haha! The advantage to Eddie being out of the house must be that we can listen to really loud music while working. No nursery rhymes but something with Kanye or the new Solange (or perhaps Alphabeat, speaking of). As long as it’s loud. And throw some laundry in the pile too.

Those are the plans. Nothing crazy, but very much needed. And then the other things can wait. It does feel rather wonderful on the other side, though, once it’s done.

How are you spending the weekend?

Are you also in the practical corner, or are you lucky enough that you can pull a few naps? Have a GOOD weekend either way!

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