Happy Weekend

Skabt af Cathrine Widunok Wichmand
I tell you, my kitchen reeks of sweaty feet, haha! Whilst baby’s breath are incredibly beautiful, covering the entire rainbow in terms of their colour scheme, they stink of old fart or cat urine. And it’s not the colouring – the flowers have just been absorbing dyed water, I reckon; it’s the actual flowers. Which makes me wonder, WHY have they been a staple in bridal bouquets for so many years?? Because the bride is sure to be married off anyway? And she stinks of cat piss – who cares, it’s home safe!
I bought them in Stalks and Roots in Torvehallerne, and I heard that the smell disappears once they dry. Three-four days in water, and then off to dry. But, damnit, I think it’s funny that the insta-flower #1 (if you’ve been looking at lots of the big lifestyle insta-types) reeks of piss. As a comment on what insta also can be: surface. You don’t see my nostrils crying in this photo – as I’m gazing lovingly towards the rainbow-coloured litter box.
What’s happening this weekend? Which is just around the corner! There’s one thing on my programme; SWEETS! Haha! Yes, also a christening, but that’s secondary! We went off sugar a week ago with the promise of a bit of sweets or cake come Friday. Surviving sleepless nights often does involve too much coffee and sugar, why we’d talking about cutting down slightly – I challenged us to going without all of this week. And it went well – right up until yesterday, when Adam fetched two small Valentine’s cookies and even wrote a sweet message on the inside of the cake box, which you might have seen on my story. So touching. It’s funny how it still surprises me to be referred to as a mother. I mean, I know that I have a child – but being a mum? My head just can’t wrap itself around connecting those two dots, hehe… So, I think we’ll go for some pick ‘n’ mix or a cream puff this weekend. But my craving has actually started to diminish. We’ll see how long that lasts. I’ve prepared a big cake buffet for the christening this Sunday, so maybe I’ll just ‘save myself’ until then?
Because that’s clearly our biggest event this weekend; the christening. I’m also going for an hour’s Happy Friday work drinks, and then I’m also meeting one of my closest friends for coffee, as she’s arriving from Vejle tomorrow to be here for the christening, and then I ALSO have a birthday party to attend on Saturday evening. But the christening? The ultimate highlight. And I’m so excited. Really! To celebrate, to show off, to spending time with loved ones. Even if it’s a relatively small christening, it will be huge.

What are your weekend plans?

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