Happy weekend

Skabt af Cathrine Widunok Wichmand
Coffee featured two times consecutively on the blog, haha! I need ’em strong these days.
Well, part of my coffee behaviour is actually unchanged since my fertility treatment. Back then, the recommendation was a maximum of three cups a day. My reflexologist says preferably zero. But ever since my introduction to the black gold 5-6 years ago, I’ve found it hard to let go completely. Right, during my ectopic pregnancy, actually from the minute I tested positive, I couldn’t stand coffee. But I didn’t feel like that during my second pregnancy. I’ve never been a coffee monster, though. One of those who easily downs 5-8 cups a day. I never consume more than two cups daily – and sometimes just one. And the best one? The morning cup. Why does coffee taste remarkably different in the morning? It’s just the best! Is there any science on it?
I’ve also laughed at myself already, as I start kissing poor Eddie already in the early morning. Do you remember my thoughts on my parents’ coffee breaths? That and a special kind of pastry and bread rolls are my most ’90s-ish, childhood-nostalgic memories. As a kid, I always wanted a horn-shaped bread roll myself. Again; the bread roll type. It just felt more exotic with its crescent shape than a round bread roll. Although the dough must have been exactly the same. Light and airy.
I wonder if Eddie is thinking: woah, her breath stinks! – you think? Just like I’ve also kissed him post-coffee drinking – of course, I have! Well, what have I learned so far in all of this? That you become your parent!
Now I’m just waiting to formulate the words, ‘… because I say so!’ and ‘… your eyes are gonna turn into squares from all of that…’ yes, it’s probably device- rather than tv-watching these days!
All of that aside: Weekend <3
Sweet, lovely weekend. It’s been my second busy week back at work. Last week and this week; lots of business activity. That’s great – I’m just practicing finding a balance! Preferably only work when he’s asleep. I also want to get out in the fresh air with Adam and go swimming once a week. And then I want to learn to keep the weekend free.
And what am I doing this weekend? Tomorrow, we’re off to Bærefestival. If you’re interested in #babywearing, this is the place to go. So, that’s what we’re doing! I need to find an alternative to my stretch wrap soon. Crazy! It’s also super hot in wool and not very appropriate for spring/summer. Maybe we’ll find a good deal?
Other than that, we don’t have that many plans. We had a breakfast date Sunday, which got cancelled. Good for us – we can go swimming instead. So I’ve booked a spot for that. Other than that, just peace and calm. Now that I want to enter my 30s a bit lighter, I’ve actually cleaned out my closet considerably – I need to sort that for reuse and sale. Perhaps I could spend some time on that?

What are your plans for the days? The final weekend this winter – next weekend is SPRING!

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