Happy weekend

Skabt af Cathrine Widunok Wichmand
I just checked the weather report – in some periods, this is the first thing I’ll do in the morning (sometimes before kissing Adam even). It’s gonna be quite decent in Copenhagen. Hurray! Not THAT rainy, it seems. Adam is similar, quickly checking YR (Norwegian weather app, which is said to be the most reliable one out there – the one used by sailors).
We’re really slaves of weather reports in Denmark. And this addiction extends beyond our household – have you ever considered the length of the weather reports on tv? It takes up 30-50 % of some news programmes. That’s pretty crazy, right? I wonder if it’s a Danish phenomenon? Our weather obsession. It’s also the first thing we discuss when we meet on the street. There’s a community aspect to – ‘gosh, it’s boiling,’ ‘man, we’re tired of the cold, right?’
It’s actually quite silly, this obsession, seeing as it’s one of the most low-tech phenomena out there: just get up and look out the window and conclude. Still grey! Totally standard for March (but today we’re halfway through the first month of spring – crazy, right?).
But what are we then doing this weekend? I’m taking a semi-mat leave day today. You’ve been asking me about my mothers’ group – I’m not part of a traditional group put together by the authorities. I ended up saying no to the offer, the most important reason being that I knew I’d be working. That it might turn into a stress factor having to meet on a fixed weekly basis and hang out an entire day. Being the occasional guest who stops by once a month is not fun either. So, instead I took the initiative to form my own group – we’re 5-6 women, several of whom are working a bit on the side as well. We see each other every two-three weeks. I started out by inviting three women over, and then some of them invited a few others along, making it a mix of exciting new women and women I knew so-so, whom I know really well by now. It’s great! I’ve got insanely many friends and acquaintances with young children, so spending time getting closer to them just feels really good.
Tomorrow, we’re heading over to a couple of friends and their twins for breakfast, and it’s always FULL on with those guys. I’m super excited for that. They are the kind of friends we met together and as adults, and we just get along really well. It’s frictionless, easy, we sort of play the same chords, so to say. I always feel high when leaving them. And sunday we’re going to a ‘kid’s birthday party,’ which isn’t so ‘kid’-like at all; my bonus-sister turns 18. And three-two-one; that was that weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? How festive and colourful is your programme? How filled with slippers and sweets is it?

I actually jumped the weekend gun last night, as I went out on a two-hour long white wine date with one of my best and oldest friends. I’d probably categorise her as a sister, because we know each other so well. We can talk about absolutely EVERYTHING. The embarrassing stuff, cool things, the vulnerable sides. I came home on such a high note, recharged and warm inside.

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