Happy Weekend

Skabt af Cathrine Widunok Wichmand
What are your plans for the next few days? Other than purely and truly enjoying the arrival of spring! Sun and warmth in Copenhagen. How’s it looking to you?
I’m thinking of spending some of the weekend on gardening and chilling on the deck. But before getting thus far, I’ve got a meeting today downtown with NIVEA, my collaborator for the year. Perhaps I’ll be able to sort out a few errands while I’m in town anyway? Return a skirt, etc. Incidentally, it’s a funny phrase, ‘in town.’ Most people would think I live in town, but to me, ‘in town’ is on the other side of the lakes, hehe… Do you do the same where you live? ‘In town.’ When I lived in Fredensborg, we always talked about heading ‘over to town’ if we were going to the CBD. Although we technically lived in town and not in the suburbs. I’m splitting hairs with myself, I know, haha, but it’s just a curious use of language.
ANYHOW! An evening home alone, and I’m thinking of diving into lasagna, a cream puff and lots of comments from you, while watching fluff on Netflix. Once I’ve tucked in my child. All alone is something I may never be again, and I really like that. And he’s really cuddly these days. Those developmental leaps that people talk about – he has never been super affected before. But this fifth one is really affecting him. Especially his sleep – naps and night time sleeping patterns have been totally disrupted. Poor little friend.
Tomorrow, some of our good friends are coming over for breakfast; Josephine, her boyfriend and their daughter, Anaïs, who’s only a few days younger than Eddie. So lovely. And Sunday? Family fun. I’ve handled most laundry throughout the week, so there aren’t many chores to do. Just enjoying. Enjoying friends, family, sunshine. I’m excited for that.

What are your plans for the weekend? Small or large? Festive, or more similar to mine?

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