Happy Weekend

Skabt af Cathrine Widunok Wichmand
Yes, man! Weekend and real spring. I’m feeling it! Don’t we all?
I really want to get out and plant some greenery on the terrace this weekend. I’ve got seeds, good soil, compost to use, so I’m totally ready. All I need is time. Perhaps tomorrow morning? Unless all gardening will end up being challenged by a baby needing a stroll in order to fall asleep. That’s how we roll most days.
But what are the plans this weekend. I’ve got a few work plans for today before I’ll call it weekend. Do you remember when I wrote about trying to avoid a flight to Ivory Coast? Simply avoiding the flight, if possible. I’ve got an extensive up-coming collaboration with Simply Chocolate, who source their cacao beans from Ivory Coast. They really want me to go there and see their large and sustainable projects (read more here, if you’re a chocolate geek) – which sounded like a dream, and incredibly exciting as well!
But … If it weren’t insanely crucial for our collaboration, if I were able to convey their work without the long flight, I’d like that. So, Ivory Coast was swapped for … Kastrup, haha! They’ve got their production in Kastrup, so rather than a cacao farm, I’m visiting a chocolate factory, and that’s today, hehe … Lovely, incidentally, that they understood me and consented. I’m sure they’d have been able to find scores of other willing candidates in a heartbeat. So, lucky for me that they wanted me, despite lack of farm visit.
So, that’s the plan for today, before it’s weekend. Tomorrow, I’m dreaming of the roof terrace and giving the back yard a lift in general. Preferably with a podcast in my ears and sunshine on my forehead. And then my sister’s birthday in the afternoon. She just moved out of the city so we’re off on bit of a roadtrip, which means car and car seat, something we’d sworn off, as Eddie HATES it.
Sunday is pretty open. Perhaps a good long walk to an area we don’t frequent. Now is the time. Perhaps we’ll venture out to Banchina, if the weather is decent? Otherwise, we’ll just breathe and enjoy.
If I had the opportunity, I’d LOVE to watch The Queen at the cinema – it received lots of critical acclaim and comments such as ‘most important film of the decade’ etc. Damnit, I’d love to watch it. Just as I’d love to check out the exhibition by Dea Trier Mørch at Louisiana and enjoy a snippet of Øresund while being there. Adam gave me an annual pass, which we’ve only used once so far. We can do better than that.

What are your plans for the weekend? Dancing or dazing?

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