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rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand
I had this thought. I’d really love to share your stories. Many more than those I’ve shared so far, and in that way make it your blog as well.
It actually started a year and a half ago, as a conversation on creating an online universe parallel to the blog, enabling you all to have your voices heard, share amongst each other, make your own posts and threads, etc. But then I got pregnant and realised that launching a huge (and quite expensive!) project wasn’t very well-timed. Hence, why I parked it.
But perhaps I don’t have to create an entirely new platform, seeing as this forum already is quite conducive to you all hitting it off and helping each other out on a daily basis? Perhaps I could share my ‘spotlight’ with you?
At the beginning of my pregnancy I started looking for guest writers to cover the blog during the early stages of my mat leave. It was primarily interviews with women whom I know more or less peripherally, on career, weddings, etc… Some of you commented that it wasn’t always super relatable – something we together can control! All it requires is for you to step forward! Like with those strong and touching fertility stories you’ve sent me. Your stories.
Yes, so I’m pondering allocating a weekly spot for a guest post – written by one of you! It could be labour stories, fertility stories, but it could also be stories on how you left your old 9-5 job to pursue a passion. Whether it’s a knitting business or plant shop or something totally different.

Wouldn’t it be quite neat to ‘donate’ my platform to your words on a fixed weekly basis? Give awesome women a place to share their stories?

For instance, some of you replied to my post on environment-shaming and green deeds that I’d inspired you to take the train to Italy this summer. And I immediately wrote an email to one of you – ‘hey! Would you want to share your experience with us? Your learnings, perhaps a small mini guide? The answer was a resounding yes! So THAT’s something to look forward to reading.
So, if you’ve got a story up your sleeve… Well, how do I describe it; something extraordinary, or something completely ordinary with an extraordinary angle  (and don’t let that big word stop you from sharing), please do share it with us! 
Are you deeply committed to a volunteering project? Did you plan a wedding far from home? Are you part of some peacekeeping squad? Are you doing research within the medicine of the future?
I’d love to hear job stories, labour stories, the different journeys – by train, bike or camper van, or anything in-between. Share them with us!

Technicalities: Write a maximum of 2000 characters, and include good-quality photos (pixel-wise) (feel free to write anonymously; the photos could be of a symbolic character). Share your stories with me (and Ellen, my assistant):

I look forward to hearing from you!
rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand

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