Interview: ALPHABEAT Are Back!

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Rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Alphabeat
A few months ago I was sitting in a conference room at the record label Warner, planning our collaboration for 2019. Here they shared a big secret:

Alphabeat are on their way back!

Say what! My favourite party-get-in-the-mood band, back! I’ve danced to Fascination and The Spell countless times. I remember the first time I experienced them. At a very odd event hosted in Parken. Zulu Rocks, where Scissor Sisters and 50 Cent performed as well. A sort of one-day festival – but under the steel roof of Parken, in the middle of the day. Onto the stage came six people with big balloons, wild colours and cheeky haircuts. They were elated, jumping around. Almost too much, haha! Like chucking a red fizzy drink right after having downed an entire Swiss role.
But then they got a bit older and more ’90s-clubby, which coincided with my clubbing days. College days. They’ve been there, one way or another, on the side, for many years. For you as well? They were with me throughout my youth – and I with them.
Today, they’re launching a new song, Shadows. We talk about the song, comebacks, fearing whether the listeners are still there. Whether they’ve still got it. What it’s like to find each other again, getting together in a summerhouse to create, and how you even persuade four bandmates to support an insane idea of reuniting – now that people have kids, mortgages and some pretty different jobs. No doubt that Alphabeat carry each other and the band in their hearts. Enjoy!
Pssst… We actually chatted for two hours so additional clips are likely to emerge eventually. They were so full of kick-ass energy and stories.

in collaboration with WARNER

Rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Alphabeat

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