Interview with Christopher: Digital detox, deciding yourself and next up Asia

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I have been so excited to share this with you guys. This is my interview with Christopher at ‘Flyvergrillen’ (a grillbar) one morning a couple of weeks ago.
Possibly the biggest pop star in Denmark? Still below 30, an insane amount of fans – I remember clearly, how girls would line up outside the steel fence and the big glass windows by P3, as soon as he was mentioned as a guest. At full speed he’s starting to take over Asia. First Asia – and perhaps also the other way over the Atlantic?
He’s a cute, cheeky, incredibly talented, beautiful, young man. Completely aware of who his main audience consist of – and without one gram of shame regarding what he has done to promote his carrier. It’s honestly a beautiful bonanza to stand in Korea and get asked to put on yellow leather pants, because it looks good on TV and then sing in Korean.

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I interviewed Christopher first time back in 2011. It was play-Danish-day and I was sent out by P7 Mix to interview a ton of Danish musicians. Søs Fenger, Burhan G, Nik and Jay and many more. I was still very inexperienced and they were big shots. Amongst other flops, I remember that I hadn’t started the recorder half way through my interview with Burhan G – for then to start all over and he didn’t get the slightest annoyed. Embarrassing for me but one learns.
And then there was a young, blond singer, which the record label tried to promote – and he had to be included and I was now there with my small recorder. They can be very opinionated these record labels if they think they have got a clever idea. But they meant that this young guy was more than that. He had potential and this could be big. But I came and interviewed him, as the very first or just after Vi Unge (A teen magazine) – but I do believe I was first to interview him when he was sitting there in a corner sofa at the record label on Falkoner Allé. Blond, pulled back hair. White t-shirt, jeans. The guitar by his side. In many ways a cliché – a young beautiful man, dreaming that he can make a living producing music. There was something pure about him, still undisturbed. But he was hungry for more. He wanted it. We were similar in many ways, we were both new and on our way to give it everything we got to be one of those who did it. One of those who made it.
And he made it. The past seven years, Christopher has shown that we definitely still can get these pop comets. We haven’t had enough yet. And he has ignited completely in his own way. With self-irony (who doesn’t remember ‘1’st Like?’), with a glint in his eye, and inclusiveness and with a great consciousness about the price he has to pay, when you have hundreds of thousands of screaming fans below 20.
I have interviewed him at several occasions, and it’s quite special to get to follow his journey. I have a great deal of respect for him and the challenges he has faced these years is included in this interview. Does he feel that the fans are taking more then he wants to offer? How much does he control himself? And why he took a loooong break from social media.
rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Interview med Christopher, Flyvergriller
rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, Interview med Christopher, Flyvergriller

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