Interview: Silas Bjerregaard, DK's Most Delicious Voice?

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Silas Bjerregaard, Rockpaperdresses, Warner Music

I’m so insanely, insanely happy and grateful for how well you’re receiving this somewhat different collaboration I have with Warner. To me, it’s really exciting content to create – also even though it’s more time consuming than the usual stuff. It challenges me in a different way than most other things I do, as well as it keeps my old ‘radio heart’ beating. The desire to get people to speak and flourish.
Currently, we’re actually renegotiating an agreement for 2019. We’d like to do more interviews with their musicians, and also repeat the success of last summer’s mini concerts with you all. It would be a HUGE dream to be able to spoil you all more.
If you have any other ideas as to what might spice up the agreement, please do share below, as I’ll then bring it into my conversations with the label. It could be ideas for interview formats, follow them for a day, insight into the life of a musician, meet-ups, or whatever else you might imagine.
In collaboration with Warner
But for now, let’s get to this very special man. Perhaps Denmark’s most delicious voice? You’ll definitely have been listening to at least one Turboweekend tune over the past 10-12 years on the radio. They’ve been nothing but successful with their dark synthesised rock sound, spearheaded by Silas’s voice.
The entire uprooting he’s been through over the past year; the breakup with Turboweekend after more than a decade together, the move to the suburbs, becoming a dad, Toppen af Poppen. 2018 was the year of upheaval for Silas, so where he’s standing now, how he’s doing and what the plan actually is is some of what we’re tackling in this interview.

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Silas Bjerregaard, Rockpaperdresses, Warner Music

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