My First 'Adult' Piece Of Jewellery From Me To Me

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Wow, man, I hope you’re having a fine weekend enjoying the good weather. If you not the type of person who wears sun cream all year round, now surely is the time to start applying it. Wonder if it’s gonna be yet another crazy weather summer? Lasting from around about now until september?

I’ve installed myself with coffee and a snickers ice cream (which Adam got me while I was turbo-breastfeeding every 30 minutes a few months ago), music. I’m home alone. All alone! It’s not quite sunny enough for me to work from the roof terrace, but soon!

Adam has taken Eddie for a walk, and I joined for the first 20 minutes, after which I returned home so the two boys could meet up with one of Adam’s old colleagues.

I really need to focus on my computer, without feeling bad about it at all.

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I owe you a proper post on my fine signet ring, as a response to all of the questions I get every time I show it in a glimpse.

It’s the first real piece of adult jewellery I’ve given myself. I’ve always admired those who’ve bought a good adult watch for themselves. Saving a huge amount of money and spending it all in one go. That’s a first for me. Well, I have previously bought a purse, perhaps a pair of expensive shoes, but putting aside what corresponds to the colourful side of 10 k for ‘stuff’ is not really something I’ve been brave enough to do before. So, even though I’ve been drooling over Adam’s stunning adult watch, which he purchased several years back (I’ve asked him a thousand times whether I could borrow it), I’ve held back.

But seeing as Adam didn’t give me a maternity gift, I decided to give myself one. There are some special transition rites in life, which I find beautiful to mark one way or the other. Confirmation. Graduation. Wedding day. Becoming a mum, for sure. Some feel no need for a physical symbol. I don’t need it either, but on the other hand I do regard those events as such huge transitions that it’s beautiful to create physical memories from them. Also in order to pass them on one day – I would have loved to have inherited the maternity gift my dad gave my mum when I was born, if it hadn’t been stolen during a burglary. Too bad.

Well, I’ve lost all expectations when it comes to gifts from Adam. He took part in my rebozo closing ritual, which was quite beautiful. The latter part, where he also got to say some things that he hadn’t said before – that he was pretty proud of me, that I was a wonderful mother, etc. That’s what I needed. And that I got.

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And then I can just go ahead and get my own thingy, haha! And I’ve gone and done that. I had some inherited gold jewellery remelted and asked Tine Lindhard, with whom I’ve also designed the heart necklace and who has also made my wedding band, to make a signet ring.

I’ve dreamed of owning one for years, and now it made sense. It’s matted and has our three initials on the top, C, E and A, with room for more initials to be added, inshallah. And along the side of it? Four small naturally coloured diamonds. A small pink one for Frida (the more stones and excuses the better, right?), a champagne-coloured one for me, a pale green one for Eddie and a dark green one for Adam. And, yes, room for more of those as well, haha!

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It’s so insanely gorgeous and heavy, and I LOVE carrying my family around all of the time. I’ve also considered having a ‘Carrie necklace’ with Eddie’s name made, or one of those lovely Palm Petit necklaces, which carries your child’s palm print. Which could also be nice as a couple’s thing – each other’s finger print around your neck. Nice, right?

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There’s something so exclusive about a ring like that, and I think it’s gaining momentum as a trend. It doesn’t have to be giant and clumsy, which may have been the case in the olden days. The idea is that you’re supposed to sign with it, that is, press it against a piece of paper as your stamp of approval. But in a slightly lighter and more chic version it’s totally 2019-ish. Also, I don’t think the bank would accept me signing off with it, haha…

Psst… Tine is on maternity leave until June, in case you want to use her for a similar idea.

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand

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