My Christmas Wishes 2018

Skabt af Cathrine
We just agreed to not do a classic gift exchange with my parents this year. Instead, we’ll spend some time in a holiday home. Not everyone at once; that’s impossible in our little divorced family, hehe… But we’ll give each other the gift of spending a weekend together in the Danish countryside, one trip with my dad and his family and another one with my mum and her family, something I’m very excited for.
Which leaves us with couple’s gifts. What should I give Adam, and what will Adam give me? Right, it’s not like we have the best success rate on that account (some may remember an old gravy boat). Last year, we settled on DKK 500 – max. Which Adam obviously managed to stick to. He ventures out and buys a cup from the Flora-series – for my new office. Quite a sweet thought, actually. A pretty cup, which he knows I’ll appreciate, worth 399.95. Bam. Spot on in terms of the budget. Without, however, remembering his poor porcelain record. I may once have been thinking, ‘GODDAMNIT! THAT’SAFUCKINGGRANDMAGIFTANDNOTAGIRLFRIENDGIFT!,’ about porcelain gifts between (young) married couples. And I may have been sibilating something along the lines of just that, which he apparently forgot (the extra silly thing was that he, four days before Christmas, found himself unboxing a pair of the exact same cups in my office – I had bought them myself, not knowing anything about his little Christmas gift for me. But he just couldn’t be bothered to find something else with such short notice).
I, on the other hand, also started out with a gift right on budget. But on 23 December, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to give him this beautiful coat that I came across in Soulland (and he really needed (and needs) a coat). In two seconds, the budget had been totally neglected, and I was so excited to see him opening my idea of the perfect coat. Cut to the moment on Christmas Eve when he had to be forced to try it on – that’s how little enthusiastic he was about it.
It deeply disappoints me when he sticks to our agreements, haha! And he never likes what I get him. So, shouldn’t we just save the time and the money?
Yes. Now the agreement is to give each other ‘art or culture.’ We want something beautiful for our walls. That’s a mutual joy. And then we want shared experiences. It could be everything from dinner at a restaurant that we really dream of going to. A weekend in a holiday home. Travel. Or a Tivoli outing with the lot.
So, maybe I’ve reached a point where I won’t even receive any gifts to open? This short list of wishes may just be for myself – but it may also be quite clever to target my purchases rather than succumbing to the more impulsive kind.

  1. Adventures. A day in Tivoli, the zoo. A staycation at a hotel in Copenhagen.
  2. Stool in recycled plastic, spotted at Yume
  3. The sequel to Morten Pape’s Planen (ed. ‘The Plan’); Guds bedste børn (ed. ‘God’s Best Children’)
  4. Lantern for the roof terrace, e.g. from House Doctor
  5. Scarf (seeing as Adam stole my favourite), from Arket (ad link)
  6. Breastfeeding night bra, which is softer and more comfortable than the normal ones I’m sleeping in now, from H&M (ad link)
  7. We’ve become huge tea drinkers, and as we’d like to protect our new table, I’m thinking that a beautiful coaster under the tea pot would be a good idea
  8. Last year, we started looking for pots and pans without Tefal, as our old ones started to fall apart. Now it’s time for a new pot, from Eva Trio
  9. A wrap sling – he’s only just short of 1.5 kilos from being too heavy for the stretch wrap, oh no! From Didyimos
  10. Sustainable, gorgeous knit from Aiayu
  11. Now that we were talking so much about pelvic floor exercises on story a few weeks ago; pelvic floor balls for training!
  12. Humidity measuring device for our plants – pretty genius little tool from Greenify
  13. Organic fertiliser, for outdoor and indoor plants, from Greenify
  1. The most beautiful clothes pegs, virtually wall art, created by Sally Xenia

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