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After asking you guys for tips on insta, it took us about eight months to finally get around to picking out and buying a cargo bike. And then we went on 4 trips before it got too cold, haha! And, you know – I then gave birth and became a homebody. Well, now it’s standing there, waiting for us, and I almost can’t wait to roll into spring on it.

Tips came in DROVES from you, dos as well as don’ts, mostly in terms of brands. I’d had an eye on Babboe and Triobike, as their office is just across from mine. My requirements were:

  • That it had to be an electric bicycle – preferably with a built-in battery to prevent it from getting stolen.
  • Preferably with accessories, such as baby seat, seatbelts for kids, extendable seat, rain cover etc.
  • Preferably a wooden box, as we find that so beautiful
Lots of you share our taste! And several of you had made some costly experiences as well – bought a bike that either fell apart or was difficult to drive. It’s not a total waste if I pass on the tips. I first shared it in a long story on insta, which I saved initially but recently deleted in a decluttering attack, and now here.
Which brands to go for? Lots and lots of you mentioned the same – for better and for worse.
rockpaperdresses, Cathrine WIdunok Wichmand, Babboe ladcykel, hvilken ladcykel skal jeg købe
The most recommended brands:

Butchers and Bicycles

  • Super clean look, drives impeccably, great finish, nifty door at the front so kids can climb up on their own – or dogs (if they’re very talented;)). Other than that, several of you noticed the kindness of the owner, who is really helpful.


  • Without a doubt the most highly praised brand. Dutch quality, drives like a dream, well-made and no repairs required. The price is fair (although I still think that ours was expensive), and you can easily take them for a test ride. Lots of different varieties, which will suit most demands.


Fair prices and a wellknown brand. Not the most exciting look, but that is also reflected in the price.

The most problematic brands:

Amlad Cykler

  • You really had a lot of bad things to say about these. It was a quality issue – they simply just tend to fall apart. The price is low, but the poor quality shows why.

Christiania cykler

  • Allegedly, the balance point is pretty bad. A few of you had experienced the bike fall over when turning. Pretty heavy ride.
That said, however, some may have had a Monday version while others may be miserable after a decade of riding a bad bike, etc. Regardless, it did create a pretty clear image. As no one really mentioned Triobike, I got more and more excited about Babboe, which was your clear favourite.

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine WIdunok Wichmand, Babboe ladcykel, hvilken ladcykel skal jeg købe

ou could say it may have been sensible to have gone for test rides. You do test ride a cargo bike before buying it, right? There are so many factors to consider; weight, comfort, size etc. It is after all quite an investment. Buuuut… Somewhere down the road in something that felt like a rush of pregnancy-induced feverish mania (or heat mania), it really got to me how difficult it was to get around, and then I lost my patience and bought one online. Without a test ride. A Babboe Carve Mountain.
I felt so certain that it had to be that brand, thanks to you. But it wouldn’t have hurt to try out the various models. What made me pick this one? Well – it wasn’t too big and bulky. And then it came with, as I’d wished for, a built-in battery – just as it had a pretty interesting carving function. That’s also what quite a few of you liked about Butchers & Bicycles, as it enables it to lean to the sides and thereby avoid losing its balance – and falling. It sounded genius. Me: Click! Buy!
But cut to an evening when Adam and I took it for a spin, pretty much a week before the birth. He activates the carving function (it’s optional), and in that instance, the bike almost falls over. Imagine it like a cartoon, you know, the car that’s getting tired and its wheels drift apart. That’s pretty much what it was like. To one side. And big and bulky as I was at that point, I really felt like it was my weight that made the bike so tired, haha! Adam just wasn’t able to align it with me onboard. I’ve never felt that big and heavy before; almost causing the bike to fall over, haha! But, I mean. That’s just what it’s supposed to do – it sort of leans right and left. It just requires some practice to manoeuvre it. It takes balance, and it’s definitely something we’ll have to practice on our quiet road before throwing ourselves into serious traffic. So far, we’ve therefore been riding without activating it. But it’s supposed to be neat!

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine WIdunok Wichmand, Babboe ladcykel, hvilken ladcykel skal jeg købe

We’ve honestly not been able to take it out that much as it pretty much arrived when summer ended – and I gave birth. But it’s here now, ready for adventure as soon as spring arrives. And then I really think it will be valuable. Especially with Eddie. I do wonder what’s most ideal with him, though. In a car seat on the floor? Or seated in one of those special baby seats meant for cargo bikes? Or in a wrap on me? He’s too small to wear a helmet. And obviously generally a very slow pace. That’s a given.
As for accessories, I’ve bought a cover for the box and a giant chain lock. And then one of those rain tents to screw onto it, which I think came with the bike.
It’s a super beautiful bike, and the few rides we did manage to take (the latter on the Sunday when my contractions started) have been lovely. The box is not very big, but I’m able to fit in together with a few bags and blankets. I think it would be able to hold 2-4 kids depending on size.
And lastly I want to say; THANK GOD for the electricity in it! You can deactivate that as well, but the difference is really palpable! Hugely! It’s so hard to drive it without – but of course; free exercise. I strongly recommend electricity in a cargo bike – you can of course do without, but it’s genius, especially seeing as you can deactivate it as well. That makes it possible to choose, and when it’s fully loaded, it’s genius!

(as you can see, pretty round – that same evening, my contractions started, why this post has been parked for ages)

rockpaperdresses, Cathrine WIdunok Wichmand, Babboe ladcykel, hvilken ladcykel skal jeg købe

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