Pink Wednesday on retreat?

Skabt af Cathrine Widunok Wichmand

Is the trend drawing to a close? The pink wave, which flooded the world’s continent and found its way into both The Guardian and NY Magazine. #pinkwednesday #millenniumpink #onwednesdayswewearpink (stolen directly from the all-time favourite Mean Girls). It’s almost two years ago I posted my first Instagram post with the tag #pinkwednesday – back then there were maybe one or two pictures under that hashtag. Now there are 900. We are a bunch of pink mind-like people.

But is pink still trendy? Has it achieved the same status, being the new black as someone claimed it would or is it a little worn out nowadays? Vogue predicted earlier this year that purple could be the new pink. And purple is also just so gorgeous, and there has been a whole bunch of lavender coloured items lately. I have as recently as today bought a Nørgaard 101 – in the dress version – on sale in lavender. But I am not quite ready yet to forget about pink. In my opinion it has passed the trend test, and yes it has probably become one of my basic colours. When I, for almost two years, have shared my pink outfits once a week with few breaks, it accumulates to a certain amount, hah!

Also interior wise, it’s very present in our home. It’s funny to think about that when we purchased our house in 2013 we made a inspiration board consisting of light grey, bottle green and pink as the dominant colours. For us it’s not just a fling, it is love. Adam was also so ready for a pink kabe stone floor. But there I had to give in to my conservative opinions and say grey. But a large pink sheet of Reform-cabinet doors is in production and is making its way towards us. So pink is still with us. Five years later. That’s got to be ‘the pass’-test.

How do you guys feel about pink? Have you had too much or are you still ready to paint the city pink?

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