Six To-Dos Before I Turn 30!

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In three months and two days I turn 30. And as my friend mentioned during last weekend’s festivities (which we’ve had the pleasure of digesting over the past few days): I really need to get planning!

Yup, I really do! I already received one birthday invitation for the first week in May. I definitely need to get planning. But what do you feel like and have energy for with a little baby? I’m thinking about inviting my closest girlfriends out for a dinner. But that quickly adds up to twenty women – which may well equal quite an expense? And it is lovely to see the boys as well, hmm… I could also do something great in our yard, but that entails hostess duties as well, and that may well just be the thing I can’t be bothered to worry about with Eddie. If we go out, he can enjoy some peace and quiet at home.

But enough about that. I will come up with something fun – PLEASE do share your 30th celebrations with me, if you feel like it, for inspiration.

Something I am wrapping up is my five-point-plan. Five points, five things I want to check off before turning 30. Big and small.

So far, Adam’s 30s have been quite splendid. He got married, bought a house, had a kid and excelled at work. That’s pretty well done! And promising – as it means I did those things in my 20s, haha! So, in that sense, my 30s may be even wilder? What’s the next big thing?

For me, it will be to take more responsibility. There are so many things I want to take charge of – and I’ve put this year as my deadline. Perhaps not before I turn 30 in three months, but definitely in 2019.

  • SET UP MY PENSION SAVINGS. I always said to myself that I needed to start saving for my pension before turning 30. That way, I can still keep up with the years ahead. I’d actually thought of starting it last year, but when I then got pregnant, I decided to postpone it a bit in order to avoid having too many fixed expenses as my financial situation turned a bit more ‘rickety’ on mat leave. And do you know what? HUGE GIANT CHECK! I started my pension last week. It’s about to come through now – I’ve had to read thousands of documents and sign here and there. I’ll tell more over the next few days – I’ve actually prepared a few posts on pension!
  • START USING MY MENSTRUATION CUP. Yes, I know that I’m jumping from one topic to a very different one. But it’s about time that I started using it. Taking responsibility for decreasing the amount of disposables. Wads of cotton wool, sanitary napkins, tampons. Less of it all. Also, it seems quite doable, right?
  • EMBARK ON MY FIRST TRAIN JOURNEY. In extension of my post on climate anxiety – a thing for adults is actually doing what you proclaim. In your 20s, you’re still young, you have a lot of opinions, and you’re not held accountable for speaking your mind – as you’re in the process of finding yourself and your position. But in your 30s? You ought to practice what you preach. So, therefore; we’re going on our first train journey. We gotta try that!
  • LAUNCH THE BIG DISCUSSION: WHERE SHALL WE LIVE IN OUR 30s? – and make a decision. Should we stay put? For how long? Where do we want to raise our kids? City kids? Children in the suburbs, like we were? Do we want light and air and country? Or do we want to be close to our work so we can spend the maximum amount of time with our kids and a minimum amount of time on transport and car time? We LOVE our factory, but we’ve started to look ahead – what’s happening.
  • DECLUTTER MY LIFE. Yup, totally inspired by Marie Kondo and a general need of ‘less,’ I want to declutter. Clear out. Clear up my wardrobe. Clean out my closets. I want to enter the new decade lighter. Less knickknack, less mess. I’m so emotionally attached to so many things. I find it hard to let go. ‘Someone once gave me this as a gift ...’Fifteen years ago perhaps, and I haven’t used it since! Out! Let the things bring happiness to others instead. This is a huge and important point. I want a lighter 30s than my 20s. I don’t want to stress about impulsive events in our home – I want it to be inviting all of the time.
  • BE ON TIME. Being on time for 10 appointments in a row. That’s my goal. It has actually almost become easier after having Eddie. Plainly because he has to be tucked in at certain times. It makes me leave the house way in advance of dates. Perhaps that could grow into a habit? Being late doesn’t feel particularly nice; it often gives me a stomachache – so I want to do something about it. For real. Come on. Ten appointments on time in a row makes for a really good new habit, I think. Would make me believe in it myself. And that’s crucial!

Do you also have lists like that – and are there more ’89s, who turn 30 this year? It just feels so crazy! And exciting! Goodbye to youth discounts. On paper, we’ve never been more adult. And hurray for that. I love being an adult. They are capable of laughing and being funny, and their breaths don’t smell of coffee all of the time!

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