Ten (Sustainable) Spring Jackets

Skabt af Cathrine Widunok Wichmand
Yeees! The woollen coat has been parked – for good, I think! On this side of summer, at least. Aw, it’s just so lovely. Fewer clothes, fewer layers. Ahh! I’ve dusted off a few old spring coats, and I don’t think I really need anything, although I’ve got hot dreams of Aiayu’s new trenchcoat. WAUW, it’s handsome!
I’ve been asked a bunch of time to share a few spring / transition coats, and I’m happy to do that – but I gave myself the challenge of trying to find something in sustainable materials.
Clearly, the most sustainable solution would be to 1) not buy anything at all, or 2) not buy anything new – go second hand. But, you know, that’s not for everyone. And it’s not always you’ll find just the right thing at the second hand store.
An alternative is to look for (more) sustainable materials, such as tencel, organic cotton, etc. These days, it’s so relatively easy to find nice things in sustainable materials. It’s so far from the boring little niche field that it used to be, and even big players such as Bestseller and H&M Group work with them (H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection launches next week, by the way, and other than being gorgeous, it contains three new sustainable materials!).
I still love tulle (which is pure plastic unless it’s the expensive silk variety) and glitter (which most often is a sort of metal fibres, which aren’t sustainable either) so it’s not as if I’ll be focussing totally on environment-environment-environment, but I do find it fun to work with and show at times.
So, here you go!
Bæredygtige forårsjakker, ROCKPAPERDRESSES, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand
Most links below are ad links:
One of the finest trench coats of the season comes from SELECTED, in organic cotton, a coat in robust quality, find it HERE (also available in a slightly different version with macro-check motif, HERE).
I’m predicting that the long, gorgeous coat from Aiayu will be sold out soon; made in 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. It might very well become a classic, find itHERE, also in navy. 
Trenchcoat in snake print, in 100 % lyocell from H&M’s Conscious line. Lyocell, a regenerated fibre from wood, requires much less water and chemistry in the extraction process than its ‘sister,’ viscose. Find it HERE.
Denim jacket from Weekday, which incidentally has much more focus on decently priced sustainable materials. It comes in 100 % organic cotton, find it HERE.
Jacket from Fjord Ruby, made from residual matter from the clothing industry, why each style is only available in very limited editions, find it HERE.
A classic black blazer in organic cotton and organic wool from Mother of Pearl, which will be beautiful with jeans and shirts and last for a lifetime, find it HERE.
The short trenchcoat is pretty popular this season, nodding to the safari style, which is a huge trend. Here with checked lining in organic cotton from SELECTED, find it HERE.
A bright and light denim jacket with laces at the bottom, from Weekday, in 100 % organic cotton. Find it HERE.
Green utility-ish-coat, also from Weekday, which will lend some edge to many summer dresses, made from 100 % tencel (same as lyocell, just trademarked and produced at a special factory in Austria, why they’re allowed to call it tencel), find it HERE.


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